Must-see attractions in West Timor

  • Oehala Waterfall located in Soe, one of district in East Nusa Tenggara. It can be reach around 3 hours from kupang by driving. The waterfall has many steps.

    Air Terjun Oehala

    West Timor

    Look for a road going north off the main highway, drive 6km and turn east at a sign for 'Oehala'. After 3km is a parking area, from which it's a short…

  • Gua Kristal


    On Kupang's west coast, south of the centre, lies this local haunt not often visited by travellers. Ignore the ubiquitous rubbish and climb down the…

  • Maslete Village

    West Timor

    Just 3.5km from Kefamenanu is this traditional village and sonaf (palace). Made from wood carved with mythical birds and an imposing grass roof with…

  • Pantai Tablolong


    Continue out of Kupang city on Jl Alfons Nisnoni for around 25km to arrive at Pantai Tablolong, about 13.5km southwest from Air Terjun Oenesu. This…

  • Pantai Tedis


    Don't miss the atmosphere – or sunset – at this local hangout where Jl Soekarno intersects with the oceanfront. The sand vendors set up stalls and seating…

  • Museum Nusa Tenggara Timur


    This regional museum has skulls, seashells, stone tools, swords, gourds and antique looms from across the province, plus an entire blue whale skeleton in…

  • Sonaf Baun

    West Timor

    In a former medical clinic from the 1920s, you'll find Robert 'Robbi' Koroh, the 20th Amarai raja with manicured white hair, whose father played a leading…

  • Air Terjun Oenesu


    Hidden in this sleepy farming village just off Jl Kupang–Tablolong is a three-stage, turquoise-tinted waterfall. There’s a nice swimming hole but locals…

  • Oelolok

    West Timor

    Oelolok, a weaving village 33km from Kefa, is home to Istana Raja Taolin, a royal house and nine-pillar, tin-roofed lopo (beehive-shaped meeting house)…

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