Must see attractions in Kuta & Legian

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    Kuta Beach

    Tourism in Bali began here and is there any question why? Low-key hawkers will sell you soft drinks and beer, snacks and other treats, and you can rent surfboards, lounge chairs and umbrellas (negotiable at 10,000Rp to 20,000Rp), or just crash on the sand. The sunsets are legendary.

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    Bali Sea Turtle Society

    The Bali Sea Turtle Society is a conservation group working to protect olive ridley turtles. It's one of the more responsible turtle hatcheries in Bali, and re-releases turtle hatchlings into the ocean from Kuta Beach. Join the queue to collect your baby turtle in a small plastic water bath, pay a small donation, and join the group to release them. Signs offer excellent background info.

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    Memorial Wall

    This memorial wall reflects the international scope of the 2002 bombings, and people from many countries pay their respects here. Names list the 202 known victims, including 88 Australians and 35 Indonesians. Across the street, the vacant site of the destroyed Sari Club – where the main bomb exploded – is walled off as efforts to build a memorial park edge forward.

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    Dream Museum Zone

    Fun for the whole family, this museum features a collection of around 120 interactive life-size murals that come to life – or rather, can be viewed in 3D – once photographed. It's divided into 14 sections so you can take your pick from Indonesia, Jurassic Park, Egypt and others.

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    Pantai Patra Jasa

    This hidden gem is reached by a tiny access road along the fence on the north side of the airport. There's shade, a couple of tiny warungs (food stalls), views of planes landing and rarely ever a crowd. You can head north on the lovely beach walk to Kuta Beach.

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    Double Six Beach

    The beach becomes less crowded as you go north from Legian until very popular Double Six Beach, which is alive with pickup games of football and volleyball all day long. It's a good place to meet partying locals. Watch out for water pollution after heavy rains.

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    Kuta Reef Beach

    Some still call this beach 'Pantai Jerman', a legacy of some long-forgotten early surfing tourist. It's nicely low-key, with beer vendors and surfboard rentals.

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    Legian Beach

    An extension north from Kuta Beach, Legian Beach is quieter thanks to the lack of a raucous road parallel to the beach and fewer people.

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    Mads Lange's Tomb

    Mads Lange, a Danish copra trader and 19th-century adventurer, set up a successful trading enterprise near modern-day Kuta in 1839. He mediated profitably between local rajahs (lords or princes) and the Dutch, who were encroaching from the north. His business soured in the 1850s and he died suddenly, just as he was about to return to Denmark. His restored tomb is near where he used to live in a quiet, tree-shaded area by the river.

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    Vihara Dharmayana Temple

    Dating back nearly 200 years, this Buddhist temple is a colourful place of calm, slightly off the beaten path. Incense burns in the serene courtyard.

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    Tuban Beach

    Tuban's beach is a mixed bag. There are wide and mellow stretches of sand to the south but near the Discovery Mall it disappears entirely.

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    Site of Sari Club

    Across the street from the Bali Memorial Wall is where the Sari Club stood before it was destroyed in the 2002 bombings. It's now a car park; plans to turn it into a memorial park have circulated for years.