Kuta Reef Beach

Kuta & Legian

Some still call this beach 'Pantai Jerman', a legacy of some long-forgotten early surfing tourist. It's nicely low-key, with beer vendors and surfboard rentals.

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1. Tuban Beach

0.33 MILES

Tuban's beach is a mixed bag. There are wide and mellow stretches of sand to the south but near the Discovery Mall it disappears entirely.

2. Pantai Patra Jasa

0.48 MILES

This hidden gem is reached by a tiny access road along the fence on the north side of the airport. There's shade, a couple of tiny warungs (food stalls),…

3. Bali Sea Turtle Society

1.01 MILES

The Bali Sea Turtle Society is a conservation group working to protect olive ridley turtles. It's one of the more responsible turtle hatcheries in Bali,…

4. Mads Lange's Tomb

1.22 MILES

Mads Lange, a Danish copra trader and 19th-century adventurer, set up a successful trading enterprise near modern-day Kuta in 1839. He mediated profitably…

5. Kuta Beach

1.28 MILES

Tourism in Bali began here and is there any question why? Low-key hawkers will sell you soft drinks and beer, snacks and other treats, and you can rent…

6. Vihara Dharmayana Temple

1.34 MILES

Dating back nearly 200 years, this Buddhist temple is a colourful place of calm, slightly off the beaten path. Incense burns in the serene courtyard.

7. Jimbaran Fish Market

1.44 MILES

A popular morning stop on a Bukit peninsula amble, this fish market is smelly, lively and frenetic – watch where you step. Brightly painted boats bob…

8. Site of Sari Club

1.53 MILES

Across the street from the Bali Memorial Wall is where the Sari Club stood before it was destroyed in the 2002 bombings. It's now a car park; plans to…