Legian Beach

Kuta & Legian

An extension north from Kuta Beach, Legian Beach is quieter thanks to the lack of a raucous road parallel to the beach and fewer people.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Kuta & Legian attractions

1. Double Six Beach

0.54 MILES

The beach becomes less crowded as you go north from Legian until very popular Double Six Beach, which is alive with pickup games of football and…

2. BIASA ArtSpace

0.86 MILES

Founded in 2005, BIASA ArtSpace showcases the work of up-and-coming Indonesian and international artists. The gallery has a line-up of rotating…

3. Dream Museum Zone

0.88 MILES

Fun for the whole family, this museum features a collection of around 120 interactive life-size murals that come to life – or rather, can be viewed in 3D …

4. Kuta Beach

0.98 MILES

Tourism in Bali began here and is there any question why? Low-key hawkers will sell you soft drinks and beer, snacks and other treats, and you can rent…

5. Site of Sari Club

1.06 MILES

Across the street from the Bali Memorial Wall is where the Sari Club stood before it was destroyed in the 2002 bombings. It's now a car park; plans to…

6. Memorial Wall

1.07 MILES

This memorial wall reflects the international scope of the 2002 bombings, and people from many countries pay their respects here. Names list the 202 known…

7. Bali Sea Turtle Society

1.31 MILES

The Bali Sea Turtle Society is a conservation group working to protect olive ridley turtles. It's one of the more responsible turtle hatcheries in Bali,…

8. Pantai Seminyak

1.35 MILES

A lounger and an ice-cold Bintang on the beach at sunset is simply magical. A good stretch can be found near Pura Petitenget, and it tends to be less…