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Although Central Java has a reputation for a short fuse when contending with religious and political sentiments, it’s a relaxed, easy-going province for visitors. Yogyakarta (at the centre of its own quasi-independent ‘special region’ stretching from the south coast to Gunung Merapi) and Solo, just 65km to the northeast, are Java’s most interesting cities. But even Semarang, the province’s busy, maritime capital, has some charm.

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Private Tour: Borobudur and Prambanan Temple from Yogyakarta

You are brought to the most spectacular and world’s biggest Buddhist monument complex, Borobudur, built around 800 A.D. Looming out of a patchwork of bottle-green paddies and swaying palm tops, this colossal Buddhist relic is one of the continent’s marvels. After the decline of Buddhism and the shift of power to East Java, the monument was abandoned soon after its completion. For centuries the complex lay forgotten, buried under layers of volcanic ash. Climb up to the top, level by level to appease all skill levels, and enjoy a wonderful view on the Menoreh Mountains. Enough time is given to stroll around the complex and to discover its beauty. Afterwards,we continue to visit the nearby located temples such as Pawon Temple and Mendut Temple. Drive to Prambanan village to visit the Prambanan Temple. The Hindu temple of the “slender virgin”, also known as a complex of Lorojongrang, was erected in the 9th century while Java was ruled by the Hindu Sanjayas of Old Mataram in the north. It consists of three major temples and shrines in the main area dedicated to respected Hindu’s God Trinity such as Candi Shiva Mahadeva, Candi Brahma & Candi Vishnu. Enough time is given to walk around and observe the beautiful carvings and the neighborhood shrines such as the Candi Palosan and the Candi Sewu. The Ramayana story is carved into the walls of the temples.

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Sunrise and Temples Tour from Yogyakarta

Start the day with an early hotel pickup before departing for Borobudur temple at approximately 3:45am. The early start will be made worth it when you witness the spectacular and breath-taking sunrise from on top of the Majestic Buddhist Temple. Allow the spiritual atmosphere cleanse you. Begin your exploration of Java Island. You have the option of hiring a local tour guide who will reveal the story and history of the temple and the surrounding area. Afterwards, drive to the tiny temple of Pawon temple. Here, you will gain an insight to the coffee industry. Enjoy your nice breakfast at a local restaurant located by Elo river. You will also gain a peek into the life of Javanese people at a local house. Next, you will visit the Buddhist Temple which is home to the largest Buddha statue sitting in the chamber. Make a wish and pray in the temple. After this, we will drive to the slope of Merapi volcano, the most active volcano in Java, to have a lava tour by Jeep. The Jeep will take you to the villages ruined by the volcanic eruption in 2010. You will have the chance to stop for lunch before proceeding on to more temples, should time permit. After the conclusion of the tour you will be taken back to your hotel.

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Private Borobudur Sunrise Tour from Yogyakarta

The Borobudur temple compounds, as they are officially known, were built in three tiers: a large base nearly 400 feet on each side that has five levels; on top of that are three circular platforms covered in 72 bell-shaped stupas, each with a statue of Buddha inside; at the top there is an enormous stupa that is more than 100 feet in the air. The monument is covered in carvings, with 2,600 relief panels and more than 500 statues of Buddha.The UNESCO protected Buddhist monument was abandoned in the 14th century after the bulk of the Javanese population got a taste of Islam. In the 1970’s, a restoration commenced, and now the once ignored Borobudur is Indonesia’s most visited tourist attraction.The sunrise over Borobudur is without doubt one of the travel world’s most spectacular and unique experiences. But, how do you get prime-time sunrise viewing, without being surrounded by swarms of other tourists? Borobudur is about 45 minutes from the much larger city of Yogyakarta, a city of half a million people that most visitors to Borobudur use as a base. If you want a jump on the hordes, there is an easy way you can get access to Borobudur, an hour and a half before everyone else. You can be at the top of the temple, taking those Borobudur sunrise money-shots when everyone else is still lining up at the gates, waiting to get in.A Borobudur sunrise is an absolute must-do travel experience. It is a very good reason why it is the number one attraction in Indonesia. You will never forget this experience.

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Mt. Merapi Slopes Hiking Day Trip from Yogyakarta

Looking for a bit of adventure during your stay in Yogyakarta? This is the right tour for you!This full day tour will bring you to the feet of the world famous volcano called Mount Merapi. As you depart around 7 am, you will already feel the excitement and freshness of the air on your way to the location. As you approach the site, you will meet the guide who will explain you the details for this soft hike in the mountain. The landscape will amaze you from the second you cast your sights to the structure. The lunch that will be served is an excellent typical and local cuisine at local restaurant.After lunch, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Yogyakarta in your air-con van.

$120 Shows, Concerts & Sports

Yogyakarta to Prambanan Temple Ramayana Performance and Dinner

You will be picked up from your hotel lobby in Yogyakarta at 6pm by your private guide who will take you directly to Prambanan Temple. Enjoy your traditional dinner overlooking the temple whilst you wait for the performance to begin. The Ramayana Ballet performance is a love story about two men fighting for the love of one princess, Dewi Sinta. It starts off introducing the characters, Rama Wijaya the Prince of Ayodya and Dewi Sinta as they wander through the Dandaka Forest with Laksmana. In the Dandaka Forest Sinta gets kidnapped by Rahwana and taken away to Alengka Kingdom. Shocked by the news, Rama eagerly insists to win Sinta back. Rama then asks his monkey troops led by Hanoman to build a bridge and rescue his Princess Dewi Sinta. The story ends with the death of Rahwana, Rama and Dewi Sinta reunited.  After the performance you will return to your hotel in Yogyakarta.

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Sukuh and Cetho Temple Tour from Yogyakarta

Your day will begin at 6:30am when you get picked up in an air conditioned minivan from your Yogyakarta hotel and taken on your journey to Solo City.It will take 1.5 hours to reach Radya Pustaka Museum. This is a Museum which has ancient antique collections which reveals the story and history of Java Island.Following on from Radya Pustaka Museum, your driver will take you to Mangkunegaran Palace which is part of Java kingdom’s history. Mangkunegaran Palace has great art and antique collections. After the Mangkunegaran Palace visit, you will explore Triwindu antique market. You will then stop at a local restaurant for lunch.  Please note lunch is not included in the tour price. You will then be driven to Sukuh Temples. Sukuh temple has strange and unique statues including Yoni and Lingga which are dedicated to the goddess of fertility.  Lastly you will head to Cetho Temple which is believed to be home for the last Hindu King 'Brawijaya the fifth' who died because he was killed by Muslim soldiers. After exploring the temples, you will be driven back to Yogyakarta at 4.00 pm and will be back at your accommodation at 07.30 pm.

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