Wanla Gompa

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Above Wanla village, tiny medieval Wanla Gompa is dramatically perched on a towering knife-edge ridge flanked by two shattered tower remnants of a now-destroyed 14th-century fortress. Its carved porch is reminiscent of Alchi's famous Choskhor Temple and a single, magical chamber contains three large statues backed by stunning murals.

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1. Yungdrung Gompa

4.09 MILES

Lamayuru's gompa is one of the most photogenic Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. Behind glass within the gompa’s main prayer hall is a tiny cave-niche in…

2. Manggyu Temple Complex

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The trio of millennium-old temple chambers at Manggyu share many of the features that you'll see at the world-famous Choskhor temple complex at Alchi but…

3. Timishgan Khar

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4. Rizong Gompa

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5. Saspol Chamba

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Almost opposite the small SBI Bank (not the ATM, which is 200m further east), a small shop hides the entrance to an unexpectedly impressive trio of 5m…

6. Saspol Caves

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7. Choskhor Temple Complex

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The original murals and statues within these four outwardly modest 11th-century temples are considered the crowning glory of Ladakh’s Indo-Tibetan art…

8. Sumdha Chun Temple

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The remote monastery at tiny Sumdha Chun boasts some splendid Alchi-style carvings that are directly linked to Tibet's 'Great Translator' Ringchen Zangpo.