Phool Bagh


Prince Dinman Hardol is venerated as a hero in Bundelkhand for committing suicide to ‘prove his innocence’ over a supposed affair with his brother's wife. His memorial is in the Phool Bagh, a traditional charbagh (formal Persian garden, divided into quarters) adjacent to his palace, the Palaki Mahal. It's an animated scene here with women singing songs about him, tying threads onto the memorial's jali (carved lattice screen) and walking around it five times, making wishes they hope he’ll grant.

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1. Sawan Bhado Pillars

0.04 MILES

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2. Palaki Mahal

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The dilapidated Palaki Mahal, immediately north of the Ram Raja Temple, was the palace of Dinman Hardol (son of Bir Singh Deo), who committed suicide to …

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5. Second Old Gate

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The second gate you pass through entering Orchha from the north.

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The first gate you pass through entering Orchha from the north.

8. Jehangir Mahal


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