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Funerary monuments to Orchha royalty, the huge and serene chhatris rise beside the Betwa River at the south end of town. They’re best seen at dusk, when birds reel above the children splashing at the river ghats and cinematic sunsets drop across the river. Bir Singh Deo's chhatri is set slightly apart, right on the riverbank.

The best views are from the far bank of the river.

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Nearby Orchha attractions

1. Lookout

0.31 MILES

Take in the views of the river and town at this lookout point.

2. Chaturbhuj Temple

0.38 MILES

The spectacular soaring spires of the 16th-century Chaturbhuj Temple are visible from all over town. The Chaturbhuj has never been used for its intended…

3. Ram Raja Temple

0.42 MILES

At the west end of a lively square is the pink- and tangerine-domed Ram Raja Temple, the only temple where Rama is worshipped as a king and busy with…

4. Ruined Haveli

0.42 MILES

Courtiers built their own mansions within the fortified walls of the palace area. This one, built in the 17th century, was one of the largest.

5. Palaki Mahal

0.45 MILES

The dilapidated Palaki Mahal, immediately north of the Ram Raja Temple, was the palace of Dinman Hardol (son of Bir Singh Deo), who committed suicide to …

6. Raj Mahal

0.46 MILES

In several rooms of the 16th-century Raj Mahal, deities such as Brahma, Vishnu, the Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Sita and Ganesh, plus Orchha royalty, wrestle,…

7. Sawan Bhado Pillars

0.47 MILES

These two pillars form an ingenious Persian-designed cooling system, being perforated on the top in order to catch the wind, while their lower parts were…

8. Dauji Ki Kothi

0.47 MILES

This ruined noble mansion in the palace area dates from the 17th century.