Tibetan Children’s Village

Mcleod Ganj

Just a short hop from the underwhelming Dal Lake, 3km northwest of McLeod, the Tibetan Children’s Village provides free education for nearly 2000 refugee children and lodging for most of them. It's nothing much to look at but visitors are welcome and it's the venue for DIFF.

Autorickshaws/taxis want ₹100/150 from McLeod, or can stop here as part of a return visit to the hotel-marred Naddi Viewpoint (₹400).

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1. St John in the Wilderness

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2. Tsechokling Gompa

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7. Hope Gallery


Through a gallery-cafe and film screenings, this organisation tells the tales of individual Tibetan lives as a way to illustrate Tibet's plight.

8. Kalachakra Temple

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Visiting the Tsuglagkhang clockwise, as is required by Buddhist convention, you pass a prostrating area then a door leads into the westernmost building,…