Mughal Gardens

New Delhi

The extravagance of these glorious gardens is such that Louis Mountbatten, India’s last British viceroy, was said to have employed 418 gardeners. There are fountains, cypress, bougainvillea, climbing roses, symmetrical lawns and wandering peacocks. If you're in town when the gardens are in flower (the same months they're open), they're not to be missed. Security is strict; visitors must leave all bags, and even water bottles, at the cloakroom by the entrance.

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1. Rashtrapati Bhavan

0.14 MILES

Formerly home to the British Viceroy, the President’s House has 340 rooms, with 2.5km of corridors, and it's fascinating to take a peek inside. Your…

2. North Secretariat

0.41 MILES

Built in 1910 by the British, this monumental building still contains administrative government offices and is not open to the public.

3. Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum

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Occupying the presidential garages, this swish museum has a mix of fairly modern displays, including 3D images of presidential speeches, plus former…

4. South Secretariat

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South Secretariat was designed by Herbert Baker and built in 1912; it houses government offices and is not open to the public.

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Vijay Chowk marks the crossroads between Sansad Marg and Rajpath, close to the President's Palace.

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8. Nehru Planetarium

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One of the five Nehru planetariums across India established to educate about the solar system; there are shows in English and Hindi.