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Undisputed gem of the northeast, Mývatn (pronounced mee-vaht) lake and the surrounding area are starkly beautiful, an otherworldly terrain of spluttering mudpots, weird lava formations, steaming fumaroles and volcanic craters, set around a bird-filled lake.The Mývatn basin sits squarely on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the violent geological character of the area has produced an astonishing landscape unlike anywhere... Read More

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Original Whale Watching Tour on board a Traditional Oak Ship from Husavik

Experience the Original Húsavík Whale Watching tour that has built a reputation for the town of Húsavík as the capital of whale watching in Iceland. Discover the magnificent nature of Skjálfandi bay observing whales, dolphins and sea birds in their natural habitat.Enjoy the smooth, safe sailing of a traditional Icelandic oak ship and treat your self to a cup of hot cocoa and traditional Icelandic scones. The Original Húsavík Whale Watching tour is an authentic widlife adventure by the pioneers of whale watching in Iceland.

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Traditional Whale Watching Tour from Húsavík

Traditional whale watching tour from Húsavík is a unique adventure at sea. Each tour takes approximately 3 hours; under the shelter of the Vík Mountains, sail out into the bay on a comfortable oak boat and prepare to be captivated by nature. In Skjálfandi Bay, there is a high chance of seeing numerous types, shapes and sizes of whales. From the smallest harbour porpoise to the biggest blue whale and loads more, including the acrobatic humpback whale. Typically, June - August offer the most successful sightings; however, in recent years, the crew has noticed a distinct increase in sightings in early spring and autumn, ensuring that all visitors can enjoy the wild serenity of north Icelandic nature. Your specialized guide will explain the safety and comfort on board as well as give you commentary on the wildlife and sights encountered. At the end of the tour, you will be served hot chocolate and an Icelandic traditional twisted donut, kleina.

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Big Whale Safari and Puffins Tour from Húsavík

The Big Whale Safari & Puffins is an exciting 2,5-hour tour on a modern RIB speedboat, allowing passengers to explore a wider area of Skjálfandi Bay in search of its gentle inhabitants. With the high speed, the boats can get faster around and increase the chances of spotting some of the bigger whales, such as the majestic blue whale and the acrobatic humpback whale.For nature lovers, this tour also includes a visit to Puffin Island during the breeding season (April 15th – August 20th). This small island is swarming with thousands of the colourfully-beaked birds, often called “The Clowns of the Ocean”.Your specialized guide will explain the safety and comfort on board as well as give you commentary on the wildlife and sights encountered. At the end of the tour, you will be served a little surprise from Húsavík’s only winemaker.

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Whale Watching RIB Boat Tour from Husavik

Get your warm clothes and get ready down at Husavik harbour. The tour begins with a sail to the beautiful Skjalfandi bay. There are many whale species that are known to be accommodated in Skjaldandi bay, for an example the Blue whale, the Humpback whale and the Mink whale. The speedy RIB boats make it more likely to have a close encounter with the giants, being able to drive huge amount of miles in the two hours long trip.Among places we'll see is Lundey (Puffin Island), known for its great amount of the popular bird. Passengers will also see the Tjörnes peninsula, known for its fossil layers with the most ancient one being two millions years old!

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Whale Watching in Husavik

Hop aboard your traditional oak boat and head out into the rolling seas off the coast of Húsavík — rich in nutrients and a haven for native marine life. Cruise the waves around Skjálfandi Bay as a guide sheds light on the diverse marine life swimming beneath the waves. During your tour, watch the waters for sightings of elegant humpback whales and minke whales — at the start of summer, you might even spot rare blue whales and fin whales. Look out for tell-tale flipper splashes from playful white-beaked dolphins and porpoises, and keep your camera at the ready to capture the action! As you cruise, keep warm with cups of coffee or hot chocolate with cookies, and wrap up warm against the elements with your weather-proof overall. When your time on the waves is up, cruise back to shore at Húsavík to conclude your whale-watching adventure. Back on dry land, enjoy a 20% discount on admission to the Húsavík Whale Museum.

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West Glacial River Rafting Tour from Varmahlíð, North Iceland

All of our trips start and end from our onsite boathouse. Our friendly and professional guides will provide you with all of the equipment needed for tackling our famous glacial rivers. We provide wetsuits, dry tops, helmets, buoyancy aids /life jackets and rafting booties. All you need to bring is your swimsuit, a warm long sleeve fleece and a towel. Optional extras are a sense of humour and adventure! We will then take a 20 minute drive towards the West Glacial river. Your trip leader will give a full safety brief. You will then be divided into crews and assigned a boat and most of all your guide. Once on the river we will enter the canyon with its high walls and amazing geology. Along the way we may stop for a unique hot chocolate and for a spot of cliff jumping for the brave ones. The bus will be waiting at the takeout for the short drive back to the base where the hot pools await.