Settlement Exhibition

Top choice in Reykjavík

This fascinating archaeological ruin-museum is based around a 10th-century Viking longhouse unearthed here from 2001 to 2002 and other Settlement-Era finds from central Reykjavík. It imaginatively combines technological wizardry and archaeology to give a glimpse into early Icelandic life. Don't miss the fragment of boundary wall at the back of the museum that is older still (and the oldest human-made structure in Reykjavík). Among the captivating high-tech displays, a wraparound panorama shows how things would have looked at the time of the longhouse.

Interactive multimedia tables explain the area's excavations, and a space-age panel allows you to steer through different layers of the longhouse construction. Artefacts range from great awk bones to fish-oil lamps and an iron axe. The latest finds from ancient workshops near the current Alþingi include a spindle whorl inscribed with runes. There are guided tours on weekdays at 11am from June to August.