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Tumbling in a broad sweep over a 100m-rocky scarp at the head of Dynjandivogur bay, Dynjandi is the most dramatic waterfall in the Westfjords. The bumpy drive to it is famous for incredible views; you'll see how the falls are the catchment area for run-off from the peaks and inland valleys all around. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday from June to August a Westfjords Adventures bus linking Ísafjörður, Brjánslækur and Patreksfjörður stops at Dynjandi twice a day.

Climbing up from the car park you’ll pass many smaller falls until you reach the thundering main chute. You're allowed to approach the massive cascade as it plunges over the mountainside, and the views over the broad fjord are spectacular.

The surrounding area is a protected nature reserve. There is a campsite (free) but it is for cyclists and hikers only (you can't park a car overnight) and then only for one night. There are basic toilets (200kr) and – fittingly – running water.

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