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Around 15.5km north of Selfoss on Rte 35, Kerið is a 6500-year-old explosion crater with vivid red and sienna earth and containing an ethereal green lake. Björk once performed a concert from a floating raft in the middle. Visitors can easily walk around the entire rim (it takes between 10 and 20 minutes), and go down to the lake in the crater.

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1. Ljósafoss Power Station

5.22 MILES

The 1937 Ljósafoss Power Station catches the outflow of lake Úlfljótsvatn and turns it into electricity. In 2016, an elaborate state-of-the-art multimedia…

2. Bobby Fischer Center

7.95 MILES

This little museum houses the memorabilia of chess champion Bobby Fischer, who is buried 2km northeast in Laugardælirkirkja's cemetery. It is also a hang…

3. Selfosskirkja

8.07 MILES

The pretty riverside church in Selfoss was built in the 1950s.

4. Geothermal Park

9.58 MILES

The geothermal park Hverasvæðið, in the centre of town, has mud pots and steaming pools where visitors can dip their feet (but no more). Groups of 15 or…

5. Listasafn Árnesinga


This airy modern-art gallery puts on superb exhibitions. When it's quiet the staff are more than happy to walk guests around the gallery, offering an…

6. Hveragerði Stone & Geology Exhibition

9.82 MILES

One of Iceland's largest private collections of stones is owned by the Thor family and you can view their crystals and other geological artefacts in an…

7. Turf House

11.09 MILES

This farmstead is a constant work in progress: every summer, an international group of students practices the building of Icelandic turf houses from local…

8. Skálholt

12.41 MILES

For centuries (between 1056 to 1785) Skálholt was a political and cultural hub in Iceland, and one of only two areas overseen by bishops. In the wealthy…