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At the head of Hvalfjörður, and up Botnsdalur valley, lies Glymur, Iceland’s highest waterfall (198m). From the trailhead, it’ll take a couple of hours to reach the cascade's viewpoints on rough, slippery trails. A log is placed to bridge the river only in summer. At the trailhead there's a good map with instructions. Reach the trailhead by following the turn-off on Rte 47 to Botnsdalur.

Bring water shoes for fording the river, if you plan to cross and return on the west side, or retrace your steps on the east side. Try to visit after heavy rains or snow-melt for full effect. Note: there is no camping allowed around the trailhead.

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1. Þingvellir National Park

9.25 MILES

The world’s oldest parliament, Althingi (pronounced ál-thingk-ee; also called Alþing) was uniquely situated at this monumental site where two tectonic…

2. Tectonic Plates


The Þingvellir plain is situated on a tectonic-plate boundary where North America and Europe are tearing away from each other at a rate of 1mm to 18mm per…

3. Alþingi Site

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Near the dramatic Almannagjá fault and fronted by a boardwalk is the Lögberg (Law Rock), where the Alþingi (Parliament) convened annually. This was where…

4. Búðir

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Straddling both sides of the Öxará river are the ruins of various temporary camps called búðir (literally 'booths'). These stone foundations were covered…

5. Þingvallakirkja

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Behind the Þingvallabær farmhouse, Þingvallakirkja is one of Iceland’s first churches. The original was consecrated in the 11th century, but the current…

6. Þingvallabær

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The little farmhouse in the bottom of the rift, Þingvallabær was built for the 1000th anniversary of the Alþing in 1930 by state architect Guðjón…

7. War & Peace Museum

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During WWII Hvalfjörður contained a submarine and warship station and over 20,000 American and British soldiers passed through. This museum houses…

8. Saurbæjarkirkja

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The church at the Saurbær farmstead is worth a look for its beautiful stained-glass work by Gerður Helgadóttir. It is named for Reverend Hallgrímur…