Húsið á Eyrarbakka

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One of Iceland’s oldest houses, built by Danish traders in 1765, Húsið á Eyrarbakka has glass display cabinets explaining the town’s history, interesting rooms restored with original furniture, and a stuffed bird collection. Keep an eye out for Ólöf Sveinsdóttir’s shawl, hat and cuffs, knitted from her own hair. The entry fee includes access to other town attractions, including a maritime museum.

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1. Sjöminjasafnið á Eyrarbakka

0.07 MILES

Just behind Húsið á Eyrarbakka, this small maritime museum has displays on the local fishing community. Its main exhibit is the beautiful 12-oared fishing…

2. Flói Nature Reserve

2.72 MILES

Birdwatchers should head 3km northwest of Eyrarbakki to Flói Nature Reserve, an important estuary and marshland on the eastern bank of the Ölfusá. It’s…

3. Elves Museum

3.34 MILES

On the other side of the building that contains Draugasetrið, the Elves Museum involves trolls, elves and Northern Lights, and is a good bet for young…

4. Draugasetrið

3.34 MILES

Inside a huge maroon-and-black warehouse in the centre of town, Draugasetrið is a veritable haunted house run by a gaggle of bloodthirsty youngsters. A 50…

5. Knarraros Lighthouse

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Built between 1938 and 1939, this 26m-tall art nouveau lighthouse designed by Axel Sveinsson was Iceland's first built of reinforced concrete. It also…

6. Rjómabúið á Baugsstöðum

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About 6km east of Stokkseyri, this old 1905 creamery dairy still has its original machinery. Interestingly, most of its products were sold to England…

7. Selfosskirkja

6.74 MILES

The pretty riverside church in Selfoss was built in the 1950s.

8. Bobby Fischer Center

6.97 MILES

This little museum houses the memorabilia of chess champion Bobby Fischer, who is buried 2km northeast in Laugardælirkirkja's cemetery. It is also a hang…