Požarevačka Church


Dedicated in 1763, this late-baroque Serbian Orthodox church has a lovely iconostasis dating from 1742. The church is on the way into town from the bus and train stations and a good introduction to Szentendre's predominant architecture. It's sometimes inexplicably closed.

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Nearby Szentendre attractions

1. Ferenczy Károly Museum

0.05 MILES

The first museum you come across when walking up from the HÉV or bus station is this one, in the former home of the prolific Ferenczy family. Károly…

2. Szamos Marzipan Museum

0.11 MILES

Attached to the cafe of the same name, this cute little museum shows off elaborate marzipan creations. Highlights include a tasty model of the Budapest…

3. Kmetty Museum

0.17 MILES

The Kmetty Museum, on the southwestern side of Fő tér, displays the work of the cubist János Kmetty (1889–1975), as well as sculptures by Jenő Kerényi.

4. Fő tér

0.18 MILES

Colourful Fő tér, the town’s main square, contains many buildings, monuments and churches from the 18th and 19th centuries, including the Memorial Cross…

5. Margit Kovács Ceramic Collection


Descend Görög utca from the main square and turn right on to Vastagh György utca to reach this museum (in an 18th-century salt house) dedicated to the…

6. Blagoveštenska Church


The highlight of Fő tér is the Blagoveštenska Church, built in 1752. The church, with fine baroque and rococo elements, hardly looks ‘Eastern’ from the…

7. Castle Hill

0.22 MILES

Castle Hill, reached via Váralja lépcső, the narrow steps between Fõ tér 8 and 9, was the site of a fortress in the Middle Ages. From here you get…

8. Church of St John the Baptist

0.23 MILES

This baroque church at Castle Hill is all that's left of the site of a fortress built in the Middle Ages. Note the frescoes painted by members of the…