Eger Castle

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Climb up cobbled Vár köz from Tinódi Sebestyén tér to reach the castle, erected in the 13th century after the Mongol invasion. Models, drawings and artefacts such as armour and Turkish uniforms in the Castle History Exhibition, on the 1st floor of the former Bishop’s Palace (1470), painlessly explain the castle's story. On the eastern side of the complex are foundations of the Gothic 12th-century St John’s Cathedral. Enter the castle casemates, hewn from solid rock, via the nearby Dark Gate.

Below the Bishop’s Palace a statue of local hero István Dobó takes pride of place in Heroes’ Hall (guided visits only). The terrace of the renovated Dobó Bastion (1549), which collapsed in 1976, offers stunning views of the town; it now hosts changing exhibits. Have a look at the creepy dungeon nearby. Other attractions cost extra, including the hokey Panoptikum (Waxworks; adult/concession 500/350Ft) and two 3D films (eight and 15 minutes; one/two films 300/600Ft). Alternatively, you can just wander the castle grounds, which are also open on Mondays when most exhibits are closed. The audio guide costs 400Ft.

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1. Castle Casemates

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Beneath Eger Castle are these casemates hewn from solid rock. Part of them is open to the public, accessible via the Dark Gate in the eastern section of…

2. Dobó Bastion

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Part of the Eger Castle Complex, the terrace of the renovated Dobó Bastion (1549), which collapsed in 1976, offers stunning views of the town. Climb down…

3. Minaret

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This 40m-high minaret, topped incongruously with a cross, is one of the few reminders of the Ottoman occupation of Eger. Nonclaustrophobes can brave the…

4. Sándor Ziffer Gallery

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This gallery is housed in the former Orthodox synagogue, built in 1893 and named after the painter Sándor Ziffer (1880–1962). It has rotating exhibitions…

5. Neoclassical Synagogue

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The erstwhile neoclassical synagogue dating from 1845 is now partly renovated and functions as a theatre.

6. Dobó István tér

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Statues of István Dobó and his comrades-in-arms routing the Turks fill Eger’s main square, which has been totally revamped in recent years. To the south…

7. Kossuth Lajos Utca

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Kossuth Lajos utca is a fine and leafy street lined with such architectural gems as the former Orthodox synagogue, built in 1893, and the former…

8. Minorite Church of St Anthony of Padua

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On the southern side of Eger's main square stands this church, built in 1771 by Bohemian architect Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer and one of the most glorious…