Eger Basilica


A highlight of the town’s amazing architecture is Eger Basilica. This neoclassical monolith was designed in 1836 by József Hild, the same architect who later worked on the cathedral at Esztergom on the Danube Bend. The half-hour organ concert is a good time to visit, when the ornate altars and soaring dome create interesting acoustics.

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Nearby Eger attractions

1. City Under the City

0.03 MILES

To the right of the main steps up to Eger Basilica is the entrance to the former archbishop’s cellars. A guided history-oriented tour on the hour leads…

2. Lyceum

0.11 MILES

Directly east of Eger Basilica is the Zopf-style Lyceum (1765), now headquarters of the Károly Eszterházy University of Applied Sciences. It contains a…

3. Provost’s Palace

0.12 MILES

The wrought-iron balcony and window grilles of this rococo building were the work of master craftsman Henrik Fazola.

4. Eger Art Gallery

0.12 MILES

This collection of fine art that once hung in Eger Castle contains works by Canaletto and Ceruti, among others.

5. Eger Archbishop’s Palace

0.12 MILES

This splendid 18th-century structure contains two very rich collections. On the ground floor is the Ecclesiastical Collection, with priceless vestments,…

6. Ecclesiastical Collection

0.12 MILES

The Ecclesiastical Collection, in the Eger Archbishop’s Palace, consists of priceless vestments, church plate and liturgical objects.

7. Lyceum Library

0.13 MILES

This 160,000-volume, all-wood library on the 1st floor of the Lyceum's south wing contains hundreds of priceless manuscripts, medical codices and…