Astronomy Museum


The Astronomy Museum, on the 6th floor of the east wing of the Lyceum, contains 18th-century astronomical equipment, a planetarium with scheduled shows and an observatory. Climb two more floors up to the observation deck for a great view of the city and then up one more to try out the 1776 camera obscura, the 'eye of Eger', designed in 1776 to spy on the town and to entertain townspeople.

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Nearby Eger attractions

2. Lyceum

0.05 MILES

Directly east of Eger Basilica is the Zopf-style Lyceum (1765), now headquarters of the Károly Eszterházy University of Applied Sciences. It contains a…

3. Lyceum Library

0.05 MILES

This 160,000-volume, all-wood library on the 1st floor of the Lyceum's south wing contains hundreds of priceless manuscripts, medical codices and…

4. Provost’s Palace

0.08 MILES

The wrought-iron balcony and window grilles of this rococo building were the work of master craftsman Henrik Fazola.

5. County Hall

0.11 MILES

Kossuth Lajos utca boasts dozens of baroque and Eclectic gems, including the delightful County Hall, with a wrought-iron grid above the main door…

6. City Under the City

0.12 MILES

To the right of the main steps up to Eger Basilica is the entrance to the former archbishop’s cellars. A guided history-oriented tour on the hour leads…

7. Minorite Church of St Anthony of Padua

0.13 MILES

On the southern side of Eger's main square stands this church, built in 1771 by Bohemian architect Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer and one of the most glorious…

8. Ecclesiastical Collection

0.14 MILES

The Ecclesiastical Collection, in the Eger Archbishop’s Palace, consists of priceless vestments, church plate and liturgical objects.