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Samothraki’s mountainous interior, filled with massive gnarled oak and plane trees, is ideal for hiking and mountain biking, and the island’s waterfalls, plunging into deep, glassy pools, provide cool relief on hot summer days. Remote southeastern beaches are pristine, while the north offers hot baths at Loutra (Therma). Inland from the main fishing port of sleepy Kamariotissa lies the former capital, Hora, bursting with flowers and handsome homes, all overlooking the distant sea.

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Safari 4x4

We collect you with the jeep from your hotels and take off to the most traditional village, Kastro. Kastro is a village with no population but with a history of 600 years. You will have the opportunity to walk through the alleys to the small church where the view is spectacular and you can see Mount Athos and the South part of the island. The landscape and vegetation are rich, rewarding those who decide to visit this place. Next we will head to waterfall of Apostolous which is surrounded from enormous plane trees. It is a popular tourist destination for the nature lovers. The 2 meters waterfall with its crystal clear waters, leads to a small lake. The trees, the melody of the running water and the tranquility of nature create a majestic landscape. Our next stop is the Refuge at 910 m. with the fantastic view to the Golden Beach. We are going to have a barbeque here. After lunch, we will reach Ipsario, the highest pick of the island at 1206 m. When you arrive, don’t forget to write your name in the impression book and make your small mark in time. From there, you can see the entire island and its 100 km perimeter, the island of Samothraki, Kavala and sometimes the island of Limnos. At southwest you can see Mt. Athos. At the north you can spot the main land and the delta of Nestos River. Our last stop will be the artificial lake of Maries and the small waterfalls nearby. The landscape is so beautiful and quiet, in one sentence just wonderful to enjoy the nature. At the end of the day you will realize why Thassos Island is called the Diamond of the North.