St John's Gate

Rhodes Town

The gate of St John is said to have become dyed red with blood during the siege of 1522.

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1. St Athanasios' Gate

0.19 MILES

Watched over by a sturdy round tower, this is said to be the gate through which the conquering Ottoman sultan entered the city in 1522.

2. Moat Walkway Entrance


If St Athanasios Gate is your exit rather than entry point for a walk in the moat, you need to keep your eyes peeled to spot this access route, which…

3. Jewish Museum of Rhodes

0.21 MILES

The Jewish presence on Rhodes dates back to the 2nd century BC, while a 13th-century influx of Jewish refugees from Spain resulted in the creation of a…

4. Kahal Shalom Synagogue

0.21 MILES

Built in 1577, and featuring a fine black-and-white pebble-mosaic floor, Kahal Shalom Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Greece. A commemorative plaque…

5. Ibrahim Pasha Mosque

0.22 MILES

The oldest mosque on Rhodes, built soon after the Ottomans arrived in the 16th century; it's not open to visitors.

6. Jewish Quarter

0.22 MILES

The Jewish Quarter, an enclave of narrow lanes in the Old Town’s southeast corner, centres on Plateia Evreon Martyron (Square of the Jewish Martyrs). Now…

7. Mustafa Mosque

0.27 MILES

This towering mosque, facing the Old Town's Great Hammam (Turkish baths), was completed in 1765.

8. Great Hammam

0.27 MILES

Behind its plain exterior, this 500-year-old Ottoman bathhouse is spectacular, with a finely wrought star-pierced ceiling that allows light to radiate…