Historical & Folklore Museum of Antiparos


This tiny museum on the main street shows off intriguing old photographs, antique maps, manuscripts and all sorts of bits and pieces associated with life on the island.

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1. Antiparos Town

0.05 MILES

The long pedestrianised main street of this enchanting village is lined with services and a whole lot of stylish boutiques, bars and restaurants. Follow…

2. Anti Art Gallery

0.06 MILES

The 'anti' Art Gallery by the kastro entrance has an excellent run of scheduled exhibitions, including cutting-edge photography. The brainchild of curator…

3. Cave of Antiparos

3.61 MILES

Signposted off the main coastal road some 10km south of the port, this huge and atmospheric cave remains impressive despite much looting of stalactites…

4. Frankish Kastro

4.81 MILES

Check out the outer walls of this fortress, built by the Venetian Duke Marco Sanudo of Naxos in AD 1260. Built with the stones from ancient buildings that…

5. Windmill Roundabout

4.97 MILES

This beautifully intact Cycladic windmill sits right outside the main ferry terminal and is a central point in Parikia.

6. Panagia Ekatontapyliani

5.02 MILES

The Panagia Ekatontapyliani, which dates from AD 326, is one of the finest churches in the Cyclades. The building is three distinct churches: Agios…

7. Byzantine Museum

5.02 MILES

The Byzantine Museum, within the Panagia Ekatontapyliani compound, has a collection of icons and other artefacts.

8. Archaeological Museum

5.07 MILES

Fronted by four intricately carved stone sarcophagi, this museum harbours some important pieces, including a 5th-century BC Nike on the point of alighting…