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Antiparos lies dreamily offshore from Paros. As soon as your ferry docks, there's a distinct slowing down in the pace of things. The main village and port (also called Antiparos) are relaxed. There’s a touristy gloss around the waterfront and main street, but the village runs deep inland to quiet squares and alleyways that give way suddenly to open fields.

The rest of the island runs to the south of the main settlement through quiet countryside. There are several decent beaches, especially at Psaralyki near town, and further south at Glyfa and Soros, plus one of Greece's most celebrated caves. Having run through the typical Greek gamut of civilisations during millennia of human habitation (Hellenic, pirate, Venetian, Turk…), Antiparos has recently acquired a ‘secret getaway’ factor that puts it on the radar of those who don’t like to be disturbed: Euro royalty, Hollywood stars and A-list rock stars holiday here.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Antiparos.