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To beat the crowds and avoid the heat, get to Knossos before 10am when tour buses start arriving, or later in the afternoon when it's cooler and the light is good for photographs. Budget a couple of hours to do the place justice.

Optional guided tours last about 1½ hours and leave from the little kiosk past the ticket booth. Most tours are in English, though other languages are available too. Prices vary according to group numbers (€10 per person in a group with an eight-person minimum). Private tours cost €80 with a maximum of six people.

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$17.26 Tours & Sightseeing

Crete Heraklion Hop-On Hop-Off 1-Day Bus Tour

Crete’s capital is a vibrant mix of ancient and medieval history, outstanding museums and enticing shopping and restaurants, all topped off with the ancient Palace of Knossos, located just outside town. With all this to discover, a hop-on hop-off bus tour is one of the best ways to get to know the city.With your 1-day ticket, board the open-top bus at any of the 10 stops and spend the day hopping off and back on again at any of the stops you choose. See the Itinerary for the full list of stops. Ride the bus to Knossos and spend time exploring this fascinating site, where the palaces and courtyards of Crete’s Minoan capital stood between around 3400 and 2100 BC. Wander around the relics of the chambers of King Minos, and conjure up visions of the mythical beast, the Minotaur, that reputedly roamed a labyrinth here.Admire other top Heraklion attractions including the 16th-century Koules Venetian fortress on the harbor front, and the old city gates. Or hop off to visit Heraklion Archaeological Museum, the Natural History Museum, or the grave of Crete’s beloved 20th-century writer Nikos Kazantzakis.Enjoy unlimited use of your ticket throughout the day, hopping on and off whenever you wish, however many times you wish. Buses depart from each stop on a regular basis, so you can explore at your own pace. End your tour whenever you want at any stop — it’s up to you!

$18.40 Tours & Sightseeing

Crete: Minos' children, daily life in Knossos self-guided mobile tour

Minos’ children: daily life in Knossos takes advantage of local expertise to present the Minoan palace of Knossos. And when we say local, we mean it. Our guide is Yishharu, the son of an aristocratic family, who grew up in the peaceful years of Minoan naval power. He spent his life in the meandering corridors and the splendid rooms of the palace, so he is in a unique position to reveal the secrets of daily life in Minoan Crete. Yishharu welcomes us right in front of the palace and takes us for an enchanting walk through all the main sights of this magnificent building. He is a sweet talker and knows how to hold our attention. He points out all the intricate details that defined Minoan fashion as we look at the wall paintings that adorn the corridors of Knossos. At the impressive storage rooms he explains the elaborate organization of the Minoan economy and reveals the names of his bulls (Dusky and Noisy). We can almost smell the delicacies served by the cooks at the regular feasts held in the palace for the hundreds of guests who attended.   As we cross the large courtyard, Yishharu reminisces about life in the countryside and tries to explain to us the lighthearted and joyful secrets of the Minoan religion. You can almost see the sanctuary at the top of Mount Juktas that rises in the distance. We re-enter the palace and discover the luxurious amenities provided, such as indoor plumbing and western-style toilets (with flushing capabilities). He is rather reluctant to discuss his most recent visit to the dentist but far less so to entertain us with stories about last night’s debaucheries with his friends over endless cups of wine, beer, and opium. On the way out he is kind enough to whisper some confidential details regarding the rites that took place in the numerous sunken rooms near the exit and disclose his belief in the afterlife. He plans, after all, to be buried with perfumes, cosmetics, and real food. You can never have too much of a good thing.   To take this self-guided tour you will need the app on your iOS or Android device. HIGHLIGHTS Learn about the fashion styles of prehistoric Crete as you marvel at the magnificent frescoes that adorn the palace walls. See the rows of the large storage containers that kept the Minoans well-fed throughout the year. Marvel at the elaborate plumbing facilities in the royal chambers (including a flush toilet).  

$9.51 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Palace of Knossos - General Admission Fee

Buy your skip-the-line ticket for Knossos and/or join a mini group for a guided walking tour (90 minutes) in Knossos palace with a licensed guide.Option 1 :You collect your fast-track tickets for  the Palace of Knossos from our operator, waiting for you right at the Main Entrance of the Palace of Knossos(past the long line) in front of the Ticket Office from 09:30am until 10:00am. This is a FREE service! The price is the official general admission fee! By buying your skip-the-line ticket in advance, you ensure that you have privileged and fast-track access to make the most out of your visit. Option 2 :You will join a mini group for a guided walking tour (90 minutes) in the Palace of Knossos with a licensed guide that starts at 10:00am sharp. You do not have to wait in line. Head straight for the entrance. Please do not ask for your tickets from the ticket desks. Search for our operator holding a sign with a "WeGuide" logo. We apply a no-show* policy after 10:00am. * no-show: Not showing up until 10:00am will be considered a "no-show" and your booking will be cancelled. No refund will apply and eventually you will have to buy a new ticket.  Knossos, a bewildering complex of more than 1500 interlocking rooms, a true labyrinth, was more than a cage of the gruesome Minotaur..It was an astonishing palace, built for a mighty king of the Bronze Age. As we wander through the labyrinthine ruins you will have the chance to see the original throne of ‘’Minos”, still in place after 3,500 years; the mystifying sanctuaries, the luxurious Domestic quarters of the Royal family, the once upon a time bursting with Crete’s treasures pantries and the astonishing water-management systems, just to name a few of the minoan wonders!Visit the Mythical Palace of Knossos of King Minos and Labyrinth, home to the Minotaur. Explore the ancient palace, step into the royal residence with the splendid wall paintings and see the Minoan king's throne. Discover the advanced and sophisticated 4000 year old Civilization of Crete.

$247.62 Private & Custom Tours

KNOSSOS WINE & POTTERY TOUR TOUR up to 4 to 15 customers

Tour at Knossos, winery at Peza, pottery village "Thrapsano", Hersonissos.KNOSSOS (is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and is considered Europe's oldest city) Knossos (also Cnossos, both pronounced /(kə)ˈnɒsɒs, -səs/; Greek: Κνωσός, Knōsós [knoˈsos]) is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and has been called Europe's oldest city. Settled as early as the Neolithic period, the name Knossos survives from ancient Greek references to the major city of Crete. The palace of Knossos eventually became the ceremonial and political centre of the Minoan civilization and culture. The palace was abandoned at some unknown time at the end of the Late Bronze Age, c. 1380–1100 BC. The reason why is unknown, but one of the many disasters that befell the palace is generally put forward. In the first palace period around 2000 BC the urban area reached a size of up to 18,000 people.In its peak the palace and surrounding city boasted a population of 100,000 people shortly after 1700 BC. WINERY (IN PEZA “Milliarakis” )POTERY VILLAGE “THRAPSANO” (Thrapsano is identified with pottery and particularly with the manufacture of “pitharia”, as its residents are considered descendants of the Minoan potters) HERSONISSOS (The seaside resort of Hersonissos is officially the Port of Hersonissos in distinction to the village of Upper Hersonissos further inland) andy, peaceful beaches and ancient ruins beckon travelers to Chersonisos, a one-time Roman port on the island of Crete. This is a family-friendly place, with plenty of activities for kids. The Lychnostatis Open Air Museum gives you the chance to explore the trades and lifestyles of early islanders. Exhibits include a herbarium, olive oil and wine presses and workshops on ceramics, shoe making and weaving. The aquarium showcases local sea creatures, as do the town's many traditional cafes, though in a completely different (and more delicious) manner.  All the tours are flexible on your needs.*There are not included tickets, entrance rates & tour guide

$1128.68 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Athens - Crete Island 8 days

Day 1: Arrival at Athens Airport. We will be waiting for you at the airport with a panel with your name on it. We will give you all the documents and information needed for your trip. Transfer to your hotel in Athens. Overnight in Athens. Day 2: Breakfast. Day free at your leisure to discover Athens or participate to one of the organized tours. Overnight in Athens.Day 3: Breakfast. Transfer to the Airport and flight for Heraklion Crete. Transfer to your hotel in Heraklion. Overnight in Heraklion.Day 4: Breakfast. Day free at your leisure or to attend the Knossos tour Overnight in Heraklion.Day 5: Breakfast. Full day excursion to Chrisi Island or to SpinalongaDay 6: Breakfast. Day free at your leisure. Overnight in HeraklionDay 7: Breakfast Transfer to Heraklion airport and flight to Athens .Transfer to your hotel in Athens. Overnight In Athens.Day 8: Breakfast. Day free at leisure until the time of your flight. Transfer to the Athens Airport.Note: Island hopping packages are individual tours and not group tours. They do not include flights from/to your countryThis is not a group tour. You can take the tour at any date!    HERAKLION HOTELS  :3* Hotels : LATO BOUTIQUE HOTEL or CASTELLO CITY or OLYMPIC HOTEL4* Hotels : IBIS STYLES HERAKLION CENTRAL or OLIVE GREEN HOTEL ATHENS HOTELS  : Stanley Hotel 4* or Astor Hotel 4* or similar hotel 4*

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