Mon Repos Estate

Corfu Town

This park-like wooded estate 2km around the bay south of the Old Town was the site of Corfu’s most important ancient settlement, Palaeopolis. More recently, in 1921, the secluded neoclassical villa that now holds the Museum of Palaeopolis was the birthplace of Prince Philip of Greece, who went on to marry Britain's Princess Elizabeth (now the current Queen). Footpaths lead through the woods to ancient ruins, including those of a Doric temple atop a small coastal cliff.

It takes half an hour to walk to Mon Repos from town, or you can catch bus 2a from the Spianada (€1.20, every 20 minutes). Bring a picnic and plenty of water; there are no shops nearby.

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1. Museum of Palaeopolis

0.19 MILES

The Museum of Palaeopolis lies deep in the woods within Mon Repos Estate, built by the British in 1832. It's all a bit rundown, but if you can see through…

2. Temple of Artemis

0.25 MILES

Of the many ruins from ancient Palaeopolis that lie scattered throughout the Kanoni Peninsula, the most important is the Temple of Artemis, signposted…

3. Menekrates Funeral Monument

0.66 MILES

A small circular tomb, constructed using stone slabs during the 6th century BC, stands not far south of the Old Town. While not open to visitors, it’s…

4. Archaeological Museum

0.79 MILES

Built in the 1960s, Corfu Town’s Archaeological Museum has finally reopened after nearly a decade of renovations. The result of this work is a modern and…

5. British Cemetery

0.84 MILES

A tranquil New Town spot, set amid wooded gardens filled with wildflowers, Corfu’s British Cemetery can only be entered via an inconspicuous gateway on…

6. Serbian Museum of Corfu


Housed in the Serbian Consulate, this small museum tells of how Serbia’s army and government, retreating from the Bulgarians during WWI, were invited by…

7. Spianada

1.09 MILES

The Spianada, the broad park adjoining the Old Town, was cleared by the Venetians to allow a clear line of fire from the Old Fort. During the 19th century…

8. Church of St George

1.09 MILES

A dazzling white edifice resembling an ancient Greek temple dominates a sweeping flat platform on the southern flanks of the Palaio Frourio. Visible from…