Corfu Town

The Spianada, the broad park adjoining the Old Town, was cleared by the Venetians to allow a clear line of fire from the Old Fort. During the 19th century, on the lawns of its northern portion, the British laid out a cricket pitch; it still hosts occasional matches today.

Paved avenues lead across its more formal southern half to a bandstand and other monuments. Horse-drawn carriages tout for passengers along the central road, also a base for buses and taxis.

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1. Durrell Memorial Gardens

0.08 MILES

A pretty park and flower garden dedicated to writer brothers Lawrence and Gerald Durrell (Gerald also became a world-renowned naturalist and…

2. Liston

0.08 MILES

Corfu Town owes the elegant, photogenic Liston, the arcade that lines the northern half of the Spianada, to neither the Venetians nor the British but to…

3. Corfu Philharmonic Society


Via battered old instruments, photos and scores, this entertaining little museum tells the story of Greece’s first-ever marching band, which performed at…

4. Corfu Living History

0.11 MILES

This town house has been remodelled to illustrate the daily lives of a fictitious merchant family from the mid-19th century. Enthusiastic guides make the…

5. Palaio Frourio

0.11 MILES

The rocky headland that juts east from Corfu Town is topped by the Venetian-built 14th-century Palaio Frourio. Before that, already enclosed within…

6. Banknote Museum

0.14 MILES

Somewhat specialist, but oddly fascinating, the Banknote Museum occupies the upper floors of what was in 1840 the first-ever all-Greek bank. It traces the…

7. Serbian Museum of Corfu

0.14 MILES

Housed in the Serbian Consulate, this small museum tells of how Serbia’s army and government, retreating from the Bulgarians during WWI, were invited by…

8. Byzantine Collection of Corfu

0.15 MILES

This gallery occupies one room of a former gatehouse within the Palaio Frourio. While it’s not to be confused with the superior Antivouniotissa Museum, it…