Thuriningian Museum of Pre- & Ancient History


Four-hundred-thousand years of Thurinigian history and prehistory are entertainingly charted in this multistorey museum, including remains of proto-humans, Palaeolithic and neolithic cultures, Roman imperial artefacts, art and material remains from the Kingdom of Thuringia and gold jewellery from the grave of the ‘Lady of Ossmannstedt’.

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1. Liszt-Haus

0.17 MILES

At the western edge of Park an der Ilm, this is the house where Franz Liszt lived during his second stint in Weimar, from 1869 to his death in 1886…

2. Goethe-Nationalmuseum

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This is the world's leading museum on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Germany's literary colossus. It incorporates his home of 50 years, gifted by Duke Carl…

3. Fürstengruft


Goethe and what was thought to be Schiller are interred at the Historischer Friedhof (Historical Cemetery) in this neoclassical mausoleum, along with Duke…

4. Schillers Wohnhaus & Museum

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The poet and dramatist Friedrich von Schiller (a close friend of Goethe) lived here from 1802 until his early death, in 1805. Study up on the man, his…

5. Weimar Haus

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Set over seven rooms in the centre of town, the Weimar Haus is a history museum for people who are bored by history museums. Sets, sound and light effects…

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Following the Ilm, this Unesco-listed, 58-hectare park was landscaped between 1778 and 1828, and continues to provide a bucolic backdrop to old Weimar…

7. Wittumspalais

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This handsome neoclassical palace was home to the Duchess Anna Amalia from 1774, after the residential palace (today the Schlossmuseum) burned. Visitors…

8. Goethe-Schiller Denkmal


Dedicated in 1857, sculptor Ernst Rietschel's bronze statue of Goethe and Schiller, standing side by side holding a laurel wreath, was Germany's first …