Central Germany

Walter Gropius' house is the most recently reconstructed of the Masters' Houses, opened to the public in 2014. It contains the ticket office for the remaining three Meisterhäuser, and is also used for special events.

The ticket price grants entry into all four of the Meisterhäuser buildings.

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1. Meisterhäuser

You’ll find the four surviving Meisterhäuser – Gropiushaus, Haus Feininger, Haus Muche/Schlemmer and Haus Kandinsky/Klee – on leafy Ebertallee, a 15…

2. Kurt Weill Zentrum in Haus Feininger

0.03 MILES

Haus Feininger, former home of artist Lyonel Feininger, now pays homage to Dessau-born Kurt Weill, who later became playwright Bertolt Brecht’s musical…

3. Haus Muche/Schlemmer

0.06 MILES

Haus Muche/Schlemmer makes it apparent that the room proportions used by Bauhaus architects, and some of their design experiments, such as low balcony…

4. Haus Kandinsky/Klee

0.09 MILES

Closed for renovation in 2018, Haus Kandinsky/Klee is scheduled to reopen in 2019 and is most notable for the varying pastel shades in which Wassily…

5. Bauhausgebäude

0.33 MILES

It’s almost impossible to overstate the significance of this building, erected in 1925–26, as a school of Bauhaus art, design and architecture. Today a…

6. Schloss & Park Georgium

0.34 MILES

The sprawling 18th-century Park Georgium is anchored by its neoclassical palace, now a picture gallery showcasing German and Dutch old masters such as…

7. Technikmuseum Hugo Junkers


Aviation fans will be wowed by the vintage aircraft on display at the Technikmuseum Hugo Junkers. Tram 1 goes straight to the museum (get off at…

8. Schloss & Park Grosskühnau

1.92 MILES

Visitors are free to roam the delightful gardens, which include vineyards and partially restored fruit plantations. The neoclassical Schloss Grosskühnau,…