Town Fortification

Erfurt, Weimar & Thuringia

One of the best places to admire the beauty of Mühlhausen's Altstadt is from the 370m section of the town fortification accessible through Inneres Frauentor. The original 12th-century fortification ran for 2.8km around the town, of which a remarkable 2km remain today. Plan the remainder of your city tour from the viewing platform in the Rabenturm (Raven’s Tower).

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Nearby Erfurt, Weimar & Thuringia attractions

1. Marienkirche

0.15 MILES

Thuringia’s second-largest church (after the Dom in Erfurt, also dedicated to Mary), the striking, five-naved, 14th-century Gothic Marienkirche was…

2. Rathaus

0.23 MILES

Dating in parts to the early 14th century, Mühlhausen’s Rathaus is an architecturally intriguing hotchpotch of Gothic, Renaissance and baroque styles…

3. Kornmarktkirche

0.28 MILES

Secularised in 1802, this austere 13th-century Franciscan church today houses a worthwhile museum about the German Peasants’ War and the Reformation. It…

4. Divi-Blasii-Kirche

0.37 MILES

The Gothic Divi-Blasii-Kirche was built by the Teutonic Knights in the 13th and 14th centuries based on the style of French Gothic cathedrals. It…

5. Automobile Welt Eisenach

16.74 MILES

Housed in the 1936 Automobilwerk Eisenach (AWE) factory, this museum celebrates a history of auto-manufacture dating to 1896, when the first 'Wartburg' …

6. Stadtschloss

17.21 MILES

Dominating the northern side of Markt is the baroque facade of this former ducal residence, now housing tourist and municipal offices and the Thuringian…

7. Georgenkirche

17.25 MILES

Dominating Eisenach's central square, this is the baptismal church of St Elizabeth and Johann Sebastian Bach. It's also where Martin Luther sang as a boy…

8. Predigerkirche

17.28 MILES

The crypt and several other rooms of this 13th-century Dominican church house the Thuringian Museum's exquisite collection of medieval sculpture,…