Aquarium Geomar


This small aquarium has a good collection of marine life from the Baltic and North Seas.

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Nearby Kiel attractions

1. Kiellinie

0.29 MILES

The splendid waterfront promenade known as the Kiellinie begins northeast of the Schlossgarten. Sailing clubs, a tiny aquarium, cafes and restaurants line…

2. Schiffahrtsmuseum

0.57 MILES

Atmospherically located in an imposing former fish market, Kiel's maritime museum tells the story of the city's maritime heritage. Newly redone, it's a…

4. U-Boat 995

6.53 MILES

Hundreds of subs like this one once called Kiel home; Wolfgang Petersen’s seminal film Das Boot (1981) was set on a similar U-boat. You can climb through…

5. Marine Ehrenmal

6.56 MILES

Nearly 100m tall, this memorial was opened in 1936 to commemorate German seamen killed in WWI. After WWII it became a memorial for sailors killed in both…

6. Nord-Ostsee-Kanal

11.03 MILES

The 99km-long Nord-Ostsee-Kanal reaches the Baltic Sea from the North Sea at Kiel, with some 60,000 ships passing through every year. It's easy to view…

7. Naturpark-Haus

16.06 MILES

This small interpretation centre gives a good overview of the park and its natural history.

8. Naturpark Holsteinische Schweiz

17.2 MILES

Sprawling over 753 sq km between Lübeck to the south and Kiel to the north, the Naturpark Holsteinische Schweiz is the region's largest outdoor playground…