Bulle und Bär Statue

Frankfurt am Main

In the square out the front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, a sculpture entitled Bulle und Bär depicts a showdown between a bull and a bear in which the former clearly has the upper hoof.

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1. Frankfurt Stock Exchange

0.01 MILES

The famous old Börse, built in 1843, is an impressively colonnaded neoclassical structure. The porch is decorated with allegorical statues of the five…

2. Eschenheimer Turm

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A local landmark, this 47m-high, early-15th-century tower was a city gate that formed part of Frankfurt's medieval fortifications, and is one of the city…

3. Alte Oper

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Inaugurated in 1880, the Italian Renaissance-style Alte Oper anchors the western end of the Zeil-Fressgass pedestrian zone. Burnt out in 1944, it narrowly…

4. Goethe-Haus

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Completely rebuilt after WWII (only the cellar survived Allied bombing), the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832) is furnished in the…

5. Main Tower


Frankfurt's skyline wouldn't be the same without the Main Tower, one of the tallest and most distinctive high-rises in town. A great place to get a feel…

6. Römer

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The photogenic Römer (old town hall) consists of three step-gabled 15th-century houses. In the time of the Holy Roman Empire, it was the site of…

7. Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen

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Located in the centre of the Römerberg, this bronze fountain depicts the goddess Justitia holding up scales and a sword. The first fountain was…

8. Kaisersaal

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Reached from Limpurgergasse (around the south side of Römer) via a small courtyard and a spiral staircase made of carved red sandstone, the barrel-vaulted…