Grube Messel Museum

Frankfurt & Southern Rhineland

Fossils excavated at Grube Messel are on show in Grube Messel's own museum, in a pretty half-timbered house.

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1. Grube Messel

1.85 MILES

A Unesco World Heritage Site, this one-time coal and oil shale quarry 10km northeast of Darmstadt is renowned for its superbly preserved animal and plant…

2. Mathildenhöhe

5.41 MILES

Established in 1899 at the behest of Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig, the former Künstlerkolonie (artists' colony) at Mathildenhöhe is famous for its Darmstädter…

3. Kirche Hl Maria Magdalena

5.47 MILES

Mathildenhöhe’s western slope is graced by the three golden onion domes of this mosaic-adorned Russian Orthodox church. It was built from 1897 to 1899 for…

4. Hessisches Landesmuseum

5.94 MILES

An exceptional selection of works by pop artist Joseph Beuys is the highlight of the wide-ranging art collection at the Hesse State Museum. Other displays…

5. Schlossmuseum

5.97 MILES

Ornate furnishings, carriages and paintings pack the Schlossmuseum, one block east of Luisenplatz. It occupies the southeast corner of the Schloss complex…

6. Luisenplatz


Darmstadt’s focal point is the 18th-century Luisenplatz, a veritable hive of activity thanks to the adjacent shopping precinct, which stretches south from…

7. Burg Frankenstein

10.58 MILES

Built by Lord Konrad II Reiz von Breuberg around 1250, this hulking, partly ruined hilltop castle was visited by Mary Shelley on her German travels in…

8. Museum Giersch

11.65 MILES

Lesser-known Frankfurt-area artists from the 19th and early 20th centuries are the focus of the special exhibitions at this neoclassical riverside villa,…