Under construction since 2013, the Humboldt Forum is scheduled to open in 2019 or 2020 as Berlin's new cultural quarter. The humongous building itself is an exact replica of the Prussian city palace (but with a modern interior) that stood on this site until its demolition in 1950. It will house the Museum of Ethnology, the Museum of Asian Art, the 'Berlin and the World Exhibit' and the Humboldt Laboratory.

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1. Humboldt-Box

0.06 MILES

This futuristic structure opens up a window on the Humboldt Forum, a replica of the historic Berlin City Palace under construction next to it since 2013…

2. Staatsratsgebäude

0.08 MILES

The hulking 1960 State Council Building is the only remaining Schlossplatz structure from the GDR era. It integrates the arched portal of the original,…

3. Schlossbrücke

0.11 MILES

Marking the transition from Unter den Linden to Museum Island, the Palace Bridge is considered among Berlin’s prettiest. Designed by Karl Friedrich…

4. Neuer Marstall

0.12 MILES

The 1901 neobaroque Neuer Marstall by Ernst von Ihne once sheltered royal horses and carriages. In 1918 revolutionaries hatched plans to topple the…

5. Berliner Dom

0.16 MILES

Pompous yet majestic, the Italian Renaissance–style former royal court church (1905) does triple duty as house of worship, museum and concert hall. Inside…

6. Kronprinzenpalais

0.17 MILES

Now occasionally used as an event space and for special exhibits, this froufrou baroque palace was blueprinted by Johann Arnold Nering as the residence of…

7. Deutsches Historisches Museum

0.17 MILES

If you’re wondering what the Germans have been up to for the past 1500 years, take a spin around the baroque Zeughaus, formerly the Prussian arsenal and…

8. DDR Museum

0.18 MILES

This touchy-feely museum does an insightful and entertaining job of pulling back the iron curtain on daily life in socialist East Germany. You'll learn…