This romantic little park is dominated by the richly ornamented sandstone Königskolonnaden (Royal Colonnades), a pair of rococo arcades designed in 1780 by Brandenburg Gate–architect Carl von Gontard. They originally stood in the Mitte district but were moved because of road construction in 1910.

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1. Kammergericht

0.08 MILES

Today the highest court in the state of Berlin, the Kammergericht gained notoriety during the Nazi years when it hosted more than 20 show trials of the…

2. David Bowie Apartment

0.22 MILES

A memorial plaque marks the house where the late David Bowie and his buddy Iggy Pop bunked in the late '70s. The seven-room flat was on the 1st floor; Pop…

3. Alter St Matthäus Kirchhof

0.36 MILES

This pretty cemetery, created in 1856, was a favourite final resting place for Berlin's 19th-century bourgeoisie; it brims with opulent gravestones and…

4. Museum der Unerhörten Dinge

0.37 MILES

'Every object tells a story' could be the motto of this kooky collection of curiosities. Find madness nibbling at your psyche as you try to find the…

5. Urban Nation

0.45 MILES

Creating a museum for street art may be akin to caging a wild animal. Yet, this showcase of works by top urban artists pulls the genre out from the…

6. Christopher Isherwood Apartment


In 1929 the Anglo-American writer Christopher Isherwood moved to this pretty residential building from London, to escape the sexual oppression in England…

7. Rathaus Schöneberg


The town hall of Schöneberg was the seat of the West Berlin government from 1948 to 1990. Internationally, though, it is best remembered for a single day…

8. Schwules Museum

0.83 MILES

In a former print shop, this nonprofit museum is one of the largest and most important cultural institutions documenting LGBTIQ culture around the world,…