Berlin Story Museum


This multimedia exhibit, moodily set inside a WWI air-raid shelter, provides a handy introduction to Berlin by charting milestones in its history through photographs, short films, sculptures, dioramas and other objects. On the 60-minute audio tour, you learn that Frederick the Great brought the potato to Berlin, that Hitler planned a domed building as tall as today's Fernsehturm (TV Tower), and other fascinating nuggets. A separate exhibit (adult/concession €12/9) examines Hitler's rise and impact and includes a reconstruction of the bunker where he killed himself.

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Nearby Kreuzberg attractions

1. Martin-Gropius-Bau

0.28 MILES

With its mosaics, terracotta reliefs and airy atrium, this Italian Renaissance–style exhibit space named for its architect (Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius…

2. Deutsches Technikmuseum

0.29 MILES

A roof-mounted ‘candy bomber’ (the plane used in the 1948 Berlin Airlift) is merely the overture to this enormous and hugely engaging shrine to technology…

3. Hansa Studios


Complete this analogy: London is to Abbey Road as Berlin is to…Well? Hansa Studios, of course, that seminal recording studio that has exerted a…

4. Science Center Spectrum

0.31 MILES

Why is the sky blue? Can you see heat? Any why does a plane stay up in the sky? Kids (and grown-ups!) can find the answers to these and other timeless…

6. Gelandet Sculpture

0.37 MILES

Crane your neck to spot Auke de Vries's Gelandet (Landed, 2002), a dronelike iron sculpture teetering on the edge of the roof of the Daimler Services…

7. Park am Gleisdreieck

0.38 MILES

Berliners crave green open spaces, and this vast park reclaimed from a former railway junction is the latest in a string of urban oases. A railway line…

8. Watchtower Erna-Berger-Strasse


Imagine what it was like to be a Berlin Wall border guard when climbing up the iron ladder of one of the few remaining watchtowers. The octagonal…