Deutsches Technikmuseum


A roof-mounted ‘candy bomber’ (the plane used in the 1948 Berlin Airlift) is merely the overture to this enormous and hugely engaging shrine to technology. Fantastic for kids, the giant museum includes the world’s first computer, an entire hall of vintage locomotives and exhibits on aerospace and navigation in a modern annexe. At the adjacent Science Center Spectrum, entered on the same ticket, kids can participate in hands-on experiments.

It's easy to spend a full day here, especially if you also explore the vast museum park with its wind- and watermills, brewery and smithy. Check the schedule for demonstrations and workshops. Two cafes provide sustenance. For a more in-depth experience, download the Deutsches Technikmuseum app, which includes the audio tour 'Technical Revolutions' (available in English) as well as a children's audio tour.

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