Way of Human Rights


Next to the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, 30 austere, 8m-tall concrete columns, each bearing one article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in a different language (plus German), run the entire length of Kartäusergasse. This spectacle is the work of Israeli artist Dani Karavan and is even more relevant in today's central Europe than it was when he won the competition to design the look of the street in the early 1990s.

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1. Germanisches Nationalmuseum

0.02 MILES

Spanning prehistory to the early 20th century, this museum is the German-speaking world's biggest and most important museum of Teutonic culture. It…

2. Deutsche Bahn Museum

0.22 MILES

Forget Dürer and wartime rallies, Nuremberg is a railway town at heart. Germany's first passenger trains ran between here and Fürth, a fact reflected in…

3. Lorenzkirche

0.24 MILES

Dark and atmospheric, the Lorenzkirche has dramatically downlit pillars, taupe stone columns, sooty ceilings and many artistic highlights. Check out the…

4. Neues Museum

0.26 MILES

The aptly named New Museum showcases contemporary art and design from the 1950s onwards, with resident collections of paintings, sculpture, photography…

5. Ehekarussell Brunnen

0.29 MILES

At the foot of the fortified Weisser Turm (White Tower; now the gateway to the U-Bahn station of the same name) stands this large and startlingly…

6. Weinstadl & Henkersteg

0.33 MILES

On the northern side of the Pegnitz, near the Karlsbrücke, is the impressive half-timbered Weinstadl, an old wine depot with two half-timbered storeys…

7. Hauptmarkt

0.38 MILES

This bustling square in the heart of the Altstadt is the site of daily markets as well as the famous Christkindlsmarkte (Christmas Markets). At the…

8. Schöner Brunnen

0.38 MILES

Standing like a space probe on the northwestern corner of the square is the 19m (62ft) Schöner Brunnen. A replica of the late 14th-century original, it is…