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Tour to Mestia from Tbilisi

Day 1: Becho-Mestia. You'll be picked up at your location of choice in Tbilisi, then set off directly for Mestia. The road passes the Enguri Hydro Power Plant dam as you enter the Enguri River valley. Then you'll visit the village of Becho, famous for its magnificent view of the spear-shaped double summit of Mt. Ushba. From there, the road passes through medieval villages, giving you an up-close look at towers built between the 9th and 12th centuries. The famous towers, with their unique architecture and historical role in Georgia, represent UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You'll arrive by evening in Mestia, the main town of the Svaneti region.Day 2: Mestia. Spend the day getting to know the incredible mountain town of Mestia and its surrounding villages. You'll start by visiting the Margiani Tower Museum, followed by the globally famous Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography, Mestia. The trip will continue to neighboring villages, where you'll have a chance to explore medieval churches and chapels.Day 3: Mestia-Ushguli. From Mestia, you'll travel to Ushguli, the highest-altitude inhabited village in Europe, at 2,100 meters. Ushguli sits at the bottom of Mount Shkhara, and consists of four villages: Chvibani, Zhibani, Chazhashi and Murqmeli. Enjoy stunning views of Mount Shkhara, before returning to Mestia.Day 4: Zugdidi-Archeopolis. Descend from the mountain region around Mestia to Zugdidi, the central town of the Samegrelo region. Here you'll see a medieval castle and the Dadiani Dukes Palace, and will also be able to visit the Zugdidi Museum where you'll encounter the famous Napoleon's Mask. Your next destination is Archeopolis in the ancient town of Kolheti – the site of the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology. Learn about this fascinating city that played a pivotal role in the 7th century Byzantine-Sasanian War. You will stay the night in Kutaisi.Day 5: Kutaisi-Gelati-Tbilisi. Start the day with a visit to Bagrat Cathedral, the masterpiece of Georgian medieval architecture, built in the 11th century. Next, you'll visit the famous Motsameta and Gelati monasteries, founded by King David IV, which served as the cultural and intellectual center of Georgia. Return to Tbilisi.The tour includes all transportation, full-time guide and accommodation. Accommodation choice is offered up front and confirmed by customer. The accommodation can be hotels, guest houses and apartments.  The accommodation will be chosen in price range set by our side. After confirmation, the company does not take responsibility for accommodation quality.

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Mountains and canyons - private 3-days trip to Svaneti via Martvili and Okatse canyons

We start our tour from Tbilisi in the early morning hours.. The day-by-day schedule looks as following:Day 1 visit Martvili canyon with several small waterfalls and rivers, where you can also take a boat trip through the water filled gorge. visit Okatse canyon and walk on a hanging bridge some 140m above the canyon walk to Kinchkha waterfall, one of the tallest waterfalls of Georgia Night in Kutaisi, the ancient capital of Colchis kingdom Day 2 drive to Mestia via Enguri dam, second highest concrete arch dam in the world short hike to Chaladi glacier or Koruldi lakes folk night at the most famous traditional restaurant Night in Mestia Day 3 visit Hatsvali, the view point of Mestia and ski resort transfer to Tbilisi

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Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Mestia - Three Amazing days of your life

Day 1: Tbilisi – Uplistsikhe – Shrosha – KutaisiAfter breakfast, drive to Uplistsikhe, cross point of many Great Silk Road routes. Explore this cave town dating back to Hellenistic Period and notable for unique combination of various styles of rock-cut cultures and the co-existence of pagan and Christian architecture. Drive to Kutaisi, the central city of Western Georgia once called “Aia”. The road to Kutaisi will take you over Rikoti pass and through the longest tunnel of Georgia (1,722 m), that is also considered to be a border between Western and Eastern parts of Georgia. On the way make a stop at village Shrosha where you will have a chance to see versatility of Georgian pottery: “doqi” - jug, “piala” - bowl, “ketsi”- plate and many more are made from clay that is extracted from the soil of the area. Arrive in Kutaisi, take a walking tour around the city’s main sights. Visit Bagrati cathedral (11th century) - one of the best samples of Georgian late medieval architecture towering over Kutaisi and visible from almost any point in the city. Overnight at the guesthouse.Day 2: Kutaisi – Gelati – Motsameta – Prometheus cave – MestiaIn the morning visit the Gelati monastery (12th century) built by King David the Builder. Gelati was the center of spiritual and scientific life of the Middle Ages. Next stop is Motsameta monastery that stands above the rough Rioni river and is buried in coastal vegetation. Tombs of brothers David and Constantine Mkheidze are located here. Continue to Prometheus cave to walk in 1.5 km long tunnel to enjoy breathtaking views of stalactites, stalagmites, petrified waterfalls, underground rivers, and lakes along the cave. Underground light system filled with LED lights of all rainbow colors marvelously highlights natural beauty of Prometheus cave. After lunch get ready for the next part of the tour: a journey to the remote Svaneti region, the highest inhabited area in the Caucasus. On the way you'll see the largest water Dam in the world - Enguri Dam. Mestia is surrounded by mountains, medieval-type villages and distinctive tower-houses. Spend the night in a local guesthouse with shared facilities Day 3: Mestia –Hatsvali – enguri Dam - TbilisiHatsvali is one of the closest peak to Mestia. It's a great destination in Svaneti not only in winter but also in summer because there are stunning views from Hatsvali mountain. Hatsvali ski resort is about 6 kilometers away from Mestia city. But now you don't need a car to get there, as there is a new cable car from Mestia city, which connects the city and resort together. There is a cafe named Zuruldi on top of Hatsvali and it's working on all seasons. You have to experience drinking Glintwine (Mulled Wine) in Zuruldi and watching Ushba at least once in your life.Drive back to Tbilisi. Drop off at your hotel/place Tbilisi.

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3-Day Tour in Svaneti: Majestic Caucasus Mountains

Itinerary: Day 1: Tbilisi- Enguri Dam -Mestia Tbilisi-Enguri Dam :  We will meet at your hotel and drive to Svaneti. After 4 hours driving, we stop at Enguri dam which is one of the highest arch dam in the world(a height of 271.5 metres). Then we drive to the region of Upper Svaneti which is an outstanding example of an exceptional mountain landscape composed of highly preserved villages with unique defensive tower houses, examples of ecclesiastical architecture and arts of medieval origin. Visit the museum of History and ethnography and Svanetian Architectural Museum in Mestia and explore small town by walking into the narrow streets, visiting small cafes and local souvenirs shops. Overnight in Mestia Day 2: Mestia-Ushguli-Mestia After a hearty breakfast at our local guesthouse, we will depart to the Ushguli which is located at the foot of mount Shkara and at the confluence of the rivers Enguri and Kvishiri. The highest permanent settlement in Europe (2200 m) with the outstanding mixture of mountainous landscape and the medieval-type towers and churches will astonish visitors. Here you will visit the Ushguli Ethnograpic museum located in the 12th century old Svanetian tower-house. Wee also visit a mediaval Lamaria church ( of the assumption of the Mother of God). Afterwards, you can take an optional hike to Shkhara glacier. The way is long (8 km one way) but easy. We just follow upstream of  the river Enguri towards Shkhara peak.  Overnight in Mestia Day 3: Mestia- Chalaadi Glacier -Tbilisi After an energizing breakfast and morning beverages we travel to the Chalaadi glacier.  We will follow upstream of Mestiachala river and after 1,5 km, we reach our finish, a place where the river is born. Afterwards, we travel to Tbilisi.

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5-day Georgia Tour from Kutaisi

Day 1: Kutaisi – Bagrati – Gelati – Motsameta – Kutaisi  Arrive at Kutaisi International Airport. Meet your guide and drive to Kutaisi. Check-in to the hotel. After breakfast start sightseeing in the second biggest city of Georgia, Kutaisi, which according to the legend was the ultimate destination of the Jason and Argonauts searching for the Golden Fleece. Visit Bagrati Cathedral, one of the best samples of medieval architecture towering over Kutaisi and visible from almost any point in the city. Next stop is Gelati Academy built by King David the Builder in the 12th century. Gelati was the center of spiritual and scientific life of the Middle Ages, the UNESCO tomb of Georgian kings and the cult place for pilgrims. Continue to Motsameta monastery to enjoy fantastic views over the Rioni river gorge. Drive back to Kutaisi. Overnight at the hotel. Day 2: Kutaisi – Prometheus Cave – MestiaIn the morning, drive to Prometheus cave where you will walk in 1.5 km long tunnel to enjoy breath-taking views of stalactites, stalagmites, petrified waterfalls, underground rivers and lakes along the cave. Underground light system filled with LED lights of all rainbow colors marvelously highlights natural beauty of Prometheus cave. In the afternoon, head to mysterious Svaneti passing by Inguri gorge. This region is a birthplace of the svans, a unique ethnic group, who distinguish with their amazing old culture and traditions. Svaneti is also famous with its original and authentic architecture and is dubbed “the land of thousand towers”. Those towers used to play an important economic and defensive role in the history of Svaneti. There are still dozens of the towers, Middle Ages stone houses with fire watchtowers, and churches. In the evening visit Mestia Ethnographic Museum, original svan house “machubi” and “koshki” tower. Overnight at the hotel. Day 3: Mestia – Ushguli – MestiaAfter a hotel breakfast drive to Ushguli village, the highest standing settlement in Europe. Ushguli complex is a valuable architectural and historical monument listed in the World heritage of UNESCO for its exclusiveness. There are about 70 families living in Ushguli. Spend time in Ushguli strolling old narrow streets. Visit Lamaria Church complex with impressive 12th century wall frescoes. Locals believe that Queen Tamar was buried under this church. Enjoy picturesque view of the Mount Shkhara. Return to Mestia. Overnight at the hotel. Day 4: Mestia – Zugdidi – KutaisiDrive back to Kutaisi after breakfast. On the way, stop at Zugdidi, the regional center of two united historical areas of Georgia, Samegrelo and Svaneti. Visit Dadiani Palaces History and Architectural Museum, one of the most important palaces in Caucasus. Continue to Kutaisi. Overnight at the hotel. Day 5: Kutaisi  Check-out of the hotel by noon.

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5 Days Private Tour- Canyon & Svaneti

Day 1 Pickup from your location. Take a drive to Mtskheta City, the religious capital of Georgia for sightseeing; visit the famous churches listed in the UNESCO namely, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Jvari Monastery, on the rocky mountaintop of the Mtkvari and Aragvi Rivers, overlooking the town of Mtskheta, formerly known as the capital of the Kingdom of Iberia. Continue to Uplistikhe, one of the oldest urban settlements in Georgian, founded in the late Bronze Age, around 1000 BC. We continue to Kutaisi, the Samagrelo region of Georgia, Overnight in Kutaisi. Day 2After breakfast, Check out from the hotel and take a drive to Martvili Canyon, the unique natural environment with historical monuments. Experience the unforgettable incredible scenery of the waterfalls, emerald-green river and take a boat trip passing between high rocks in the deep canyon. Continue to Mestia and enjoy the scenic landscape passing through Inguri river, one of the most important rivers in Georgia. Check in hotel in Mestia.Day 3After breakfast, we take a drive to Usghuli one of the region’s most remote outposts and Europe’s highest permanent settlement, recognized as one of the Upper Svaneti UNESCO, World Heritage Sites. Visit the ethnographic museum and discover the 17th-century items, which were used by Svanetian people in middle ages and late 19th centuries. Witness the nostalgic building and the ancient Svan defensive towers, overlook the winding lanes and wandering livestock. Continue to explore the off-beaten track towards Shkhara glacier, where the source of Inguri rivers starts. The route exposes us to some of Usghuli's most unique architectural and religious monuments as well as the striking beauty of the area. You have the options to enjoy the horse riding. Return to MestiaDay 4After breakfast, check out from the hotel. Take a jeep to the cross on Tshkhakezagari mountain overlooking  Mestia. Continue to cross on Koruldi plateau that lies almost 2000 meters above Mestia. Enjoy the breathtaking view of alpine lakes. Enroute to Hatsvali and take the ropeway to Zuruldi ridge and enjoy the phenomenal views of the most prominent peaks of the Caucasus, Mt. Ushba, known as the "Matterhorn of the Caucasus" for its picturesque, spire-shaped double summit. Return to Mestia.Take a drive to Zugdidi. Overnight in ZugdidiDay 5After breakfast. Check out from the hotel and take a long drive (5hrs) from Zugdidi to Tbilisi. On our way, en-route to visit the Prometheus Cave, a huge cast cave with stalactite and stalagmites and experience the unique feel of the underworld atmosphere in all its glory and colours. You may choose between walking tours along the 1600 meters route and the boat ride along the underground river. Continue to Tbilisi. Check-in at the hotel in Tbilisi

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