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$149 Day Trips & Excursions

Borjomi, Vardzia, Rabat Castle Private Tour

Departure from Tbilisi at 10:00am from your hotel at the direction of Borjomi (160km). Borjomi is a resort town where is national park and worldwide famous mineral water "Borjomi". Here you can taste Borjomi mineral water strait from the springs.  After visiting borjomi we will visit Vardzia. Vardzia was built in rock by King George III in 1156-1184. Here, not far from the border with Turkey, see all the splendour of this tiered cave city where there are hundreds of dwellings, transitions, ladders, churches, library, dining, warehouses, workshops, and where urban residents had running water and entertainments. 50.000 persons were able to live in this cave city. Next stop will be impressive Rabat castle in Akhaltsikhe. The fortress is called the symbol of tolerance it has in its complex a church, mosque, minaret and synagogue. The city is first mentioned in the chronicles in the 12th century. After excursion the driver/guide will drop you off at your place of stay in Tbilisi.

$250 Day Trips & Excursions

Borjomi-Akhaltsikhe-Vardzia Day Tour

Tour starts from Tbilisi 9.00 am in the morning and finishes evening, after 6.00 or 7.00 pm. From Tbilisi to Borjomi is 150 km, from Borjomi to Akhaltsikhe is 50 km and from Akhaltsikhe to Vardzia is 50 km. Atskuri and Khertvisi Fortresses are located on the way to Vardzia. We need one full day to visit all these places. First place to visit is Borjomi mineral water park, where you can drink mineral water. After 20-30 minutes walking and rest we head to Akhaltsikhe Fortress and visit Atskuri fortress on the way. Visiting Atskuri fortress may take 5-10 minutes if you will not hike on the fortress. Visiting Akhaltsikhe may take from half an hour to one hour, after that we head to Vardzia and visit Khertvisi fortress on the way or after coming back from Vardzia. You can have a lunch in Vardzia. Visiting Vardzia takes 1 hour and visiting Khertvisi takes half an hour, after that we head to Tbilisi. Vardzia is closed 6 pm and Akhatsikhe is closed 7 pm evening. First places of destination is Akhaltikhe with stop for a lunch in Borjomi in a local family restaurant. After visiting Akhaltsikhe we continue our way to Vardzia and visit Atskuri and Khertvisi Fortress on the way. One hour is enough to visit Vardzia. After visiting Vardzia, tourists have dinner near Mtkvari river or head back to Tbilisi.

$45 Day Trips & Excursions

Vardzia, Rabati, and Borjomi Sightseeing Tour from Tbilisi

Borjomi is a small town in the mountains. There are many beautiful places to visit there, but the most famous is the town because of mineral water Borjomi with unique healing qualities and taste. It’s been known for centuries, that this water was unique, but it really becomes famous during Russian reign in Georgia. Russian built here resort, palaces, and found out about mineral water itself. Borjomi water won its first gold medal in 1907 in Belgium. The water has been bottled since 1896. We continue our way to Vardzia cave town (12th century). Then we visit Khertvisi Fortress (10th century) before moving to the magnificent Vardzia. Vardzia is one of the highlights of the trip and stretches over half a kilometer along the river Mtkvari, with 19 tiers. There used to be about 3000 caves here, but now there are just over 500. It has a church hewn out of rock with amazing 12th-century frescoes. The Complex also includes living quarters, small hall-type churches, and refectories, wine cellar, etc. Continue towards the town of Akhaltsikhe (New Fortress) that always has had strategic importance. That’s why the fortress Rabat has been built here in IX century, so it’s been called the fortress inside the fortress. It was guarding Georgia for centuries, but there were periods when enemies took over. The fortress keeps traces of both times, giving us an unforgettable impression. The fortress has been renovated several years ago. Here you can see the Georgian church, mosque and Madrasa – Islamic school, citadel, and unique museum. The Rabati fortress is one of the highlights of this region.

$100 Day Trips & Excursions

Vardzia, Rabat Castel, and Borjomi: Private Tour from Tbilisi

The tour to Kaheti will start in Tbilisi at the place of your stay at 8:00. First stop will be at Vardzia Cave town and Monastery. Vardzia was built in rock by King George III in 1156-1184. Vardzia has more then 3000 cave rooms and could accommodate 50000 people. After visiting Vardzia, you will go to town of Akhaltsihe where you will visit impressive Rabat Castel. The fortress is called the symbol of tolerance it has in its complex a church, mosque, minaret and synagogue. By the end of the day you will be able to taste mineral water in Borjomi Park of mineral waters. Most famous thing about Borjomi is its mineral water resort and the nature the town is surrounded with. The tour will come to end after seeing beautiful sunset. You will return to Tbilisi at 22:00.

$140 Tours & Sightseeing

2 days-1 night tour to Georgia from Yerevan

Your tour starts at 8:30am with a pickup from your central hotel or a central meeting point in Yerevan. The road from Yerevan to Tbilisi takes around 5-6 hours including short stop on the road and on the border. After arrival to Tbilisi have a lunch break in the national restaurant (included in the price) Then discover multi-faceted history of the city. The tour starts with narrow streets, preserved from the early medieval region of Narikala and ends with specious Rustaveli Avenue. The modern shape of Tbilisi is a bright mixture of majestic cathedrals and ancient ruined castles, old neighborhoods and picturesque courtyards with openwork balconies, soviet buildings and ultramodern business centers, the contrast of which can be better seen from bird’s-eye view by taking a cable car. Next stop is the first capital city of the Christian Georgia - Mtskheta which is a mix-point of Kura and Aragvi rivers. This ancient city is currently on the list of UNESCO's monuments. Next on the rout is Jvari. As a part of Mtskheta city, Jvari monastery is as well included in the list of UNESCO's monuments (Holy Cross). It was built in the first half of the 7th century in the place, where the preacher of Christianity saint virgin Nune (Nino) erected a cross. After return to Tbilisi enjoy a tasty evening in the local restaurant and spend a night in one of the offered hotels. On Sunday morning after the breakfast receive a pick up from your hotel to lead to Borjomi resort city situated in a homonymous gorge, formed on the banks of Kura river. The low-mountainous resort (810-850m) is from four sides surrounded by mountain ranges, covered by broad leaf and coniferous forests. The mineral water, which is the most popular in Georgia, is useful for the treatment of respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, as well as gastric diseases. One of the city's sights of interest is Borjomi Park, where there are located Romanovs' Palace, Mirza Reza Khan's house; also taking the ropeway, functioning in the park, one can fully enjoy the beauty of Borjomi. Enjoy your lunch at the restaurant and continue the trip to Rabati castle located in Akhaltsikhe city and being a perfect example of medieval eastern fortress-building, was built in the end of 16th century. Thanks to this fortress, the local city of Lomsa was renamed into "New fortress" (Akhaltsikhe - in Georgian). The last sightseeing on the rout is cave monastic complex of Vardzia which is the classical example of Caucasian rocky settlements, it was constructed in 1156-1205. The complex stretches 900m along the cliff and has up to 600 habitable cells, chapels, baths, libraries. The stalls, reaching up to 8 floors, are connected by secret passages. Conclude the tour with a drop-off back at the central meeting point in Yerevan.

$60 Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Vardzia cave city and Rabati castle Tour

Highlights: Vardzia cave city, Vanis Qvabebi, Rabati CastleProgramm of a tour:07.00 Departure from kuTaisi;11.00 Arrival at Vardzia;13.00 Varzia sightseeing;13.30 Arrival at Vanis qvabebi;16.00 Vanis qvabebi sightseeing;17.00 Arrival at Rabati castle;17.30 Rabati castle sightseeing;10.30Arrival in Kutaisi;Information about sites to visit:Vardzia: The main period of construction was the second half of the twelfth century. This is a complex with complicated planning and design, containing lots of premises (small rooms curved in rocks) arranged on thirteen floors provided with sewage and potable water supply systems. Vardzia complex is special for the vertical arrangement of its residential quarters. Vanis Qvabebi: The complex dates from 8th century and consists of a defensive wall built in 1204 and a maze of tunnels running on several levels in the side of the mountain. There are also two churches in the complex. A newer stone church that is in quite good shape stands near the top of the wall, and a smaller, domed church that clings to the rock on the level of the highest tunnelsRabati Castle: It is a medieval castle complex in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia, built in the 9th century, initially it was called the Lomisa Castle until it was conquered by Ottomans. The complex is unique as its architecture represents mix of Asian and European culture. Defensive walls and towers, churches and mosque, gardens and parks, all represent its role in impressive unity of various traditions.         Tour is arranged with comfortable minivan. Wifi available on board !

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