Must-see attractions in Bouches-du-Rhône

  • Aix-En-Provence, France - 04 20 2023: Granet Museum. Sculptures and objects from the archaeological region of Aix-En-Provence; Shutterstock ID 2293616765; your: Sloane Tucker; gl: 65050; netsuite: Online Editorial; full: POI

    Musée Granet


    Aix established one of France's first public museums here, on the site of a former Hospitallers' priory, in 1838. Nearly 200 years of acquisitions …

  • Site Archéologique de Glanum


    It might lack the scale and ambition of some of Provence's better-known Roman monuments, but for a glimpse into everyday life in Gaul, this ancient town…

  • Montagne Sainte-Victoire.

    Montagne Ste-Victoire

    Pays d’Aix

    East of Aix rises Cézanne’s favourite haunt, the magnificent silvery ridge of Montagne Ste-Victoire, its dry slopes carpeted in garrigue (scented scrub),…

  • Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - France - July 10 2021: Lavender fields at the Monastery of Saint-Paul de Mausole, Saint-Rémy.
Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur - France - July 10 2021: Lavender fields at the Monastery of Saint-Paul de Mausole, Saint-Rémy.
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    Monastère St-Paul de Mausole


    This monastery turned asylum is famous for one of its former residents – the ever-volatile Vincent van Gogh, who admitted himself in 1889. Safe within the…

  • Calanques National Park at dawn, view over the city of Marseille.

    Parc National des Calanques

    Les Calanques

    The calanques (coves) of the coast surrounding Marseille became France's 10th national park in 2012, preserving their astonishing beauty and harbouring an…

  • MARSEILLE, FRANCE - 21 FEBRUARY 2016: Interior of Notre-Dame de la Garde in Marseille, Provence, France

    Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde


    Occupying Marseille’s highest point, La Garde (154m), this opulent 19th-century Romano-Byzantine basilica is Marseille's most-visited icon. Built on the…

  • The Panier district

    Le Panier


    'The Basket' is Marseille's oldest quarter – site of the original Greek settlement and nicknamed for its steep streets and buildings. Its close, village…

  • Château de Tarascon


    The mighty walls of the 15th-century Château de Tarascon rise straight out of the River Rhône, in the relaxed village of the same name. A beauty of a…

  • Caumont Centre d’Art


    The Caumont is a stellar art space housed inside the Mazarin quarter’s grandest 18th-century hôtel particulier (mansion). While there are three quality…

  • Château la Coste

    Pays d’Aix

    The vine-clad slopes, woods and and olive groves of this Provençal estate are graced by harmonious examples of art and architecture, including work by…

  • Marseille, France at night. The famous european harbour view on the Notre Dame de la Garde; Shutterstock ID 422043877; Your name (First / Last): redownload; GL account no.: redownload; Netsuite department name: redownload; Full Product or Project name including edition: redownload

    Vieux Port


    Ships have docked for millennia at Marseille’s birthplace, the vibrant Vieux Port. The main commercial docks were transferred to the Joliette area in the…

  • La Vieille Charité


    In the heart of Marseille's Le Panier quarter is this grand and gorgeous almshouse, built by Pierre Puget (1620–94), an architect and sculptor born just a…

  • Carrières de Lumières


    Inside the chilly galleries of a former limestone quarry, this peculiar but intriguing attraction is like an underground audiovisual art gallery, with…

  • Les Milles detention camp near Aix-en-Provence.

    Camp des Milles


    Eight kilometres southwest of Aix is the town of Les Milles, where this imposing factory produced bricks and tiles from 1882 until 31 August 1939, when it…

  • Route des crêtes, Cassis.

    Route des Crêtes


    The 'Road of Crests' offers heart-stopping panoramas as it traverses the 13 winding kilometres of stunning coastal and upland scenery between Cassis and…

  • Fontaine de la Rotonde on the Cours Mirabeau in the centre of Aix-en-Provence.

    Fontaine de la Rotonde


    Built in 1860 as the centrepiece to the place de la Rotonde, the roundabout at the western edge of Cours Mireabeau, this magnificent fountain is adorned…

  • Cap Canaille near Cassis, France.

    Cap Canaille


    Looming, rock-pitted and scrubby Cap Canaille (394m) forms the natural southern border to Cassis' harbour. From the top, captivating views unfold across…

  • En-Vau, Port-Pin & Port-Miou

    Les Calanques

    To the east of the Parc National des Calanques, the stone-sculptured coast brings you to three remote calanques: En-Vau, Port-Pin and Port-Miou. A steep…

  • Calanque de Morgiou

    Les Calanques

    Rocky, pine-covered Cap Morgiou plunges to meet the Med at the eponymous Calanque de Morgiou – a pretty little port bobbing with fishing boats and sheer…

  • Cours Mirabeau


    No streetscape better epitomises Provence’s most graceful city than this 440m-long, fountain-studded street, sprinkled with Renaissance hôtels…

  • Château des Baux


    Crowning the village of Les Baux, these dramatic, maze-like ruins date from the 10th century. The clifftop castle was largely destroyed in 1633, during…

  • Vieil Aix


    One of Aix' great charms is its historical centre: ramble through it, drinking in divine streetscapes as you choose which historical, cultural or culinary…

  • Musée d’Histoire de Marseille


    This intriguing 15,000-sq-metre museum traces the story of 'France's Oldest City' from prehistory (the paintings of the Cosquer Cave) to the present day,…

  • Château Simone

    Pays d’Aix

    Wine has been grown here for longer than history records, and this vineyard still produces 80% of the wine bearing the Palette AOC. Vines surrounding the…

  • Fondation Victor Vasarely


    This gallery, 4km west of the city, was designed by Hungarian optical-art innovator Victor Vasarely (1906–97). An architectural masterpiece, it has 16…

  • Domaine de la Brillane

    Pays d’Aix

    Make an appointment at this organic estate to taste esteemed reds and rosés, made from grenache, syrah and cinsault (the 2016 rose is apparently…

  • Aqueduc de Roquefavour

    Pays d’Aix

    The arches of the three-tiered Aqueduc de Roquefavour reach 83m in height, making it the world’s largest stone aqueduct. Three hundred and seventy-five…

  • France, Bouches du Rhone, Marseille, european capital of culture 2013, Chateau d'If

    Château d’If


    Commanding access to Marseille's Vieux Port, this photogenic island-fortress was immortalised in Alexandre Dumas’ 1844 classic The Count of Monte Cristo…

  • Fountain in front of a palace, Longchamp Palace, Marseille, France

    Musée des Beaux Arts


    Set in the lavish, colonnaded Palais de Longchamp, Marseille’s oldest museum owes its existence to an 1801 decree of pre-Napoleonic France's short-lived…

  • Relaxing on the Cours Julien, Marseille

    Cours Julien


    Marseille's most vibrant bohemian quarter centres on Cours Julien, an elongated concrete square shaded by palm trees. It’s lined with great bars, cafes…

  • Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France, Europe

    Jardin du Pharo


    Perched high above the southern side of the Vieux Port are the six immaculately grassed hectares of the Jardin du Pharo, the grounds of the Palais du…

  • Galerie Trajectoire exterior

    Galerie Trajectoire


    This teeny tiny art gallery, located along a narrow sloping road in the historic neighbourhood of Le Panier, offers a platform to emerging artists and a…

  • The Abbaye St. Victor, in Marseilles, France; Shutterstock ID 228587737; Your name (First / Last): Daniel Fahey; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: POI image

    Abbaye St-Victor


    To the west of the Vieux Port lies Abbaye St-Victor, the birthplace of Christianity in Marseille, built on a 3rd century BC necropolis. It's €2 to visit…

  • Calanque de Sormiou

    Les Calanques

    The largest calanque hit headlines in 1991 when diver Henri Cosquer from Cassis swam through a 150m-long passage 36m underwater and into a cave, only to…

  • La Joliette


    The old maritime neighbourhood of La Joliette, moribund since the decline of the 19th-century docks, has been revitalised by bars, shops and restaurants…

  • La Cité Radieuse


    Visionary modernist architect Le Corbusier redefined urban living in 1952 with the completion of this vertical 337-apartment tower, popularly known as La…

  • Îles du Frioul


    Around nine kilometres west of Marseille lie the dyke-linked limestone islands of Ratonneau and Pomègues, known jointly as the the Îles du Frioul…

  • Musée Cantini


    Donated to the city by the sculptor Jules Cantini on his death in 1916, this 17th-century mansion-turned-museum conceals some superb art behind its…