En-Vau, Port-Pin & Port-Miou

Les Calanques

To the east of the Parc National des Calanques, the stone-sculptured coast brings you to three remote calanques: En-Vau, Port-Pin and Port-Miou. A steep three-hour marked trail leads from the car park (closed July to mid-September) on the Col de la Gardiole to En-Vau, with a pebbly beach and emerald waters encased by cliffs. The slippery and sheer descents into the calanque are very challenging. Its entrance is guarded by the Doigt de Dieu (God’s Finger), a giant rock pinnacle.

Approaching En-Vau from the east, it is a solid 1½-hour walk from Calanque de Port-Miou, immediately west of Cassis. En route you pass the neighbouring Calanque de Port-Pin, a 30-minute walk from Port-Miou.

Cassis’ tourist office distributes free maps of the walking trails.

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