Spiral Staircase & Modernist Brasilia Apartments (1962-1967) Designed by Fernand Boukobza as a Unité d'Habitation. The apartments were inspired by Le Corbusier whose better-known Cité Radieuse stands nearby in the 8th District of Marseille France
La Cite Radieuse

Chris Hellier/Getty

La Cité Radieuse


Visionary modernist architect Le Corbusier redefined urban living in 1952 with the completion of this vertical 337-apartment tower, popularly known as La Cité Radieuse ('The Radiant City'). Its purpose was to increase residential density to allow for more green space. Today the apartments are joined by the Hôtel Le Corbusier, the high-end restaurant Le Ventre de l’Architecte and a rooftop terrace. English-language tours (10am Friday and Saturday; adult/child €10/5) can be booked through the tourist office.

It’s about 5km south of central Marseille, along av du Prado.

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