Domaine de la Brillane

Pays d’Aix

Make an appointment at this organic estate to taste esteemed reds and rosés, made from grenache, syrah and cinsault (the 2016 rose is apparently particularly good). Find the brilliant ochre-coloured Château l'Evesque, surrounded by vineyards, 10km north of Aix-en-Provence, signposted 1km off the northbound D13 from Aix to St-Canadet.

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1. Château de la Gaude

2.34 MILES

Famed for its rosé, Château de la Gaude is graced by a delightful formal garden and listed 18th-century château.

2. Château la Coste

3.13 MILES

The vine-clad slopes, woods and and olive groves of this Provençal estate are graced by harmonious examples of art and architecture, including work by…

3. Terrain des Peintres

3.85 MILES

A wonderful terraced garden perfect for a picnic, from where Cézanne, among others, painted the Montagne Ste-Victoire. The view of the jagged mountain is…

4. Atelier Cézanne

4.25 MILES

Cézanne’s last studio, where he worked from 1902 until his death four years later, has been painstakingly preserved. Some elements have been recreated:…

5. Cathédrale St-Sauveur

4.69 MILES

Built between 1285 and 1350 in a potpourri of styles, this cathedral includes a Romanesque 12th-century nave in its southern aisle, chapels from the 14th…

7. Domaine Pey Blanc

4.76 MILES

Under cultivation since 1930, these vineyards are responsible for some of Aix's most beloved rosés. Pey Blanc also makes excellent whites and reds, is…

8. Église de la Madeleine

4.84 MILES

Across from the Palace of Justice, this 17th-century church only received its monumental facade in the 19th century, and has an imposing obelisk out the…