Turku & Finland's South Coast

The Finnish president’s summer residence is an elaborate stone castle on Luonnonmaa island, its tower visible from Naantali harbour. Designed by Lars Sonck, it was built in 1916 and is surrounded by beautiful, extensive rose gardens. Although the castle's interior is closed to the public, the grounds can be visited by guided tour. A bus takes visitors from Maariankatu, near the tourist office. Space is limited, so reserve your spot in advance at the tourist office.

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1. Muumimaailma


Crossing the bridge from the Old Town to Kailo island takes you into the delightful world of the Moomins. The focus is on hands-on activities and…

2. Naantali Museum

0.63 MILES

Housed in three Old Town wooden buildings dating from the 18th century, Naantali's museum traces the town's history from its convent roots, with plenty of…

3. Naantalin Kirkko

0.65 MILES

Medieval Naantali grew up around the Catholic Convent of the Order of St Birgitta, which was dissolved after the 1527 Reformation. Towering above the…

4. Turun Linna


Founded in 1280 at the mouth of the Aurajoki, mammoth Turku Castle is easily Finland’s largest fortress. Highlights include two dungeons and sumptuous…

5. Forum Marinum

8.27 MILES

Partly housed in an old granary, this excellent maritime museum offers a comprehensive look at ships and shipping, from scale models to full-size vessels…

6. Forum Marinum Ships

8.33 MILES

Anchored outside the Forum Marinum is a small fleet of museum ships that you can climb aboard. The mine layer Keihässalmi and the corvette Karjala take…

7. Turun Taidemuseo

9.01 MILES

Turku Art Museum is housed in a striking granite building with elaborately carved pilasters and conical turrets, perched on a hill on the north side of…

8. Wäinö Aaltosen Museum

9.04 MILES

Naturalistic and cubist-tinged sculptures donated by artist Wäinö Aaltosen are on display in this gallery, along with temporary exhibitions of…