Kallion Kirkko


Designed by Lars Sonck and completed in 1912, this 65m-high Lutheran church is a Helsinki landmark and visible from all over the city. Built from grey granite and topped with a domed copper roof, it is a classic example of National Romantic art nouveau style. Acoustics are superb: check the website for details of regular organ concerts. The tower has seven bronze bells, four of which play a Sibelius composition every day at noon and 6pm.

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Nearby Kallio attractions

1. Bear on the Anthill

0.07 MILES

Carved in red granite in 1931, this statue in the small park of Karhupuisto depicts Finland's national symbol, a bear, trying to prise open an anthill…

2. Karhupuisto


In the heart of Kallio, this small park is lined by maple trees and has beautiful floral displays in spring and summer. Look out for the Bear on the…

3. The Symbol

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Made from steel and measuring 3m in diameter, this minimalistic, mirror-like sphere was created by Helsinki sculptor Hannu Sirén (b 1953) in 1985 and…

4. Työväenasuntomuseo

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5. Sea Life

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Close to Linnanmäki, Sea Life is an enjoyable aquarium complex with walk-through tunnels that let you spot sharks, rays, octopuses and myriad fish up…

6. Linnanmäki

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Famous Linnanmäki is a real kid pleaser with rides (some free) including several roller coasters and a panoramic 75m free-fall tower, as well as nightly…

7. World Peace

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The work of Russian sculptor Oleg Kirjuhin (1929–91), this striking bronze statue stands 6.5m high and was installed in 1990 as a gift from Moscow to…

8. Kajsaniemi

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Rambling over 4 hectares in the city centre alongside the north harbour, Töölönlahti, Helsinki's botanic gardens are filled with plants from Finland and…