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Rambling over 4 hectares in the city centre alongside the north harbour, Töölönlahti, Helsinki's botanic gardens are filled with plants from Finland and other countries on the same latitude, with some 3600 species all up. The gardens' 10 interconnected greenhouses shelter 800 species from all latitudes, and are a wonderfully warm refuge for visitors in the chillier months.

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1. World Peace

0.28 MILES

The work of Russian sculptor Oleg Kirjuhin (1929–91), this striking bronze statue stands 6.5m high and was installed in 1990 as a gift from Moscow to…

2. The Symbol


Made from steel and measuring 3m in diameter, this minimalistic, mirror-like sphere was created by Helsinki sculptor Hannu Sirén (b 1953) in 1985 and…

3. Ruiskumestarin talo

0.33 MILES

Mustard-coloured Ruiskumestarin talo is central Helsinki’s oldest wooden townhouse, built in 1818. The charming cottage, with hardwood floors, fireplaces…

4. Rautatientori

0.34 MILES

Rautatientori (Railway Sq) flanks the eastern side of Helsinki's glorious National Romantic art nouveau train station. Designed by Finnish architect Eliel…

5. Oodi

0.34 MILES

Opened late 2018 as a 100th anniversary gift to the people of Finland, the central library is as aesthetically pleasing as it is intellectually…

6. Sanomatalo

0.35 MILES

The gleaming glass headquarters of the main daily newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, is an iconic modern Helsinki building, designed by Finnish architects Jan…

7. Ateneum

0.42 MILES

Occupying a palatial 1887 neo-Renaissance building, Finland’s premier art gallery offers a crash course in the nation’s art. It houses Finnish paintings…

8. Tuomiokirkko

0.45 MILES

One of Carl Ludvig Engel’s finest creations, the chalk-white neoclassical Lutheran cathedral presides over Senaatintori (Senate Sq). Created to serve as a…