Panga Pank

Western Estonia & the Islands

Saaremaa’s highest cliffs run along the northern coast near Panga for 3km. The highest point (21.3m) was a sacred place where sacrifices were made to the sea god; gifts of flowers, coins, vodka and beer are still sometimes left here. It’s a pretty spot, looking down at the treacherous waters below.

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1. Tuhkana

7.87 MILES

Tucked away within pine forest, Tuhkana is one of Saaremaa’s best sandy beaches, due in large part to its remoteness. To get here from Leisi, head west…

2. Sõru Museum

12.05 MILES

Just inland from Sõru sadam (port) where the ferry to Saaremaa docks, this little community museum is worth a look. Downstairs you might find art from the…

3. Angla Windmill Hill

15.15 MILES

Charge up those camera batteries: this is the site of the largest and most photogenic grouping of wooden windmills on the islands. By the early 16th…

4. St Catherine's Lutheran Church, Karja

16.32 MILES

The pagan and Christian meet in this fortress-like 14th-century church. Outside there’s an interesting panel about pre-Christian symbols with particular…

5. Mihkli Farm Museum

17.03 MILES

In a pretty setting southeast of Kihelkonna, this early-18th-century farm has been preserved in its entirety, complete with thatched-roof wooden…

6. Tagamõisa Peninsula

17.07 MILES

Much of the beautiful and rarely visited western coast of the Tagamõisa Peninsula is protected as part of Vilsandi National Park, including the Harilaid…

7. St Michael’s Lutheran Church

17.21 MILES

Kihelkonna's tall, austere, early-German church dates from before 1280. It’s dark and gloomy inside, partly due to the wooden supports holding up the roof…

8. Kaali Crater

19.4 MILES

Estonia has one of the world’s highest concentrations of documented meteor craters. At Kaali, 18km north of Kuressaare, is a 100m-wide, 22m-deep,…