Mihkli Farm Museum

Western Estonia & the Islands

In a pretty setting southeast of Kihelkonna, this early-18th-century farm has been preserved in its entirety, complete with thatched-roof wooden farmhouses, a sauna, a windmill and a traditional village swing. Six generations of one farming family have lived here, and made almost everything you can see.

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1. St Michael’s Lutheran Church

1.78 MILES

Kihelkonna's tall, austere, early-German church dates from before 1280. It’s dark and gloomy inside, partly due to the wooden supports holding up the roof…

2. Viidumäe Nature Reserve

3.67 MILES

Founded in 1957, this reserve covers an area of 26 sq km, with a 26m observation tower at Saaremaa’s highest point, Raunamägi (a vertigo-inducing 54m)…

3. Tagamõisa Peninsula

12.28 MILES

Much of the beautiful and rarely visited western coast of the Tagamõisa Peninsula is protected as part of Vilsandi National Park, including the Harilaid…

4. Tehumardi Night Battle Monument

13.54 MILES

On the night of 8 October 1944 a gruesome battle took place in the coastal village of Tehumardi between retreating German troops and a Soviet Estonian…

5. Suur Töll & Piret

15.97 MILES

Kuressaare's jauntiest statue, created in 2002, features Saaremaa's legendary gigantic hero, Suur (meaning 'the great') Töll and his wife, Piret, carrying…

7. Kuressaare Beach

16.16 MILES

Although the best beaches are out of town, this small sandy bay behind Kuressaare Castle fills up with sunbathers, paddlers and volleyball players during…

8. St Nicholas' Orthodox Church

16.18 MILES

Built by Catherine the Great in 1790, Saaremaa's oldest Orthodox church has twin steeples and an impressive dolomite and wrought-iron gate. A faint image…