Slapton Ley

South Devon

Slapton Ley's broad sweep of water is ringed by a nature reserve and fringed by reed beds and woods. A 1.75-mile trail skirts the ley, crossing the reed beds via a series of boardwalks. While walking, look out for yellow iris, tufted ducks, great crested grebes and – if you're lucky – otters.

To explore, park at the Memorial Car Park halfway along Slapton Sands and walk across the road (signed Slapton village). The reserve entrance is on the left, immediately after the bridge. Soon the path heads up to Slapton itself, a quintessential Devon village where houses huddle around maze-like lanes. It has a time-warp village shop, robust church and 14th-century ruined tower. From the village, a path beside the road takes you back to the coast and your car.

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